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Encouraging leaders to focus on their own mental health as well as promote a healthy work environment for employees.

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What is Therapy?

Misconceptions often deter people from seeking help.

Battling Imposter Syndrome

Behind the scenes of self-doubt

Solitary Heights: Combating Loneliness at the Executive Leadership Level

Loneliness and isolation can affect mental health through higher levels of anxiety and depression, among other physical health problems.

Executive Q&A: Chris Dickie

Chris Dickie is the co-founder of ThinkShift Branding, a business consulting service aiming to assist treatment centers in achieving their mission without losing their healing touch.

Meditation & Sleep

Calming practices can lead to a calm mind

Morale Boost: Combatting the ‘Great Resignation’

Employee recognition can increase participation and productivity.

How Your Chatter Matters

Effective communication may be a battle, but it’s necessary to keep the peace in a workplace.

On a Happy Note: Mood-Boosting Music

Here are the top mood-boosting songs on Arkansas Business employees’ playlists.

Mental Health Glossary

Stigma and misinformation surround mental health. Here are some of the most common terms and conditions to understand when discussing mental well-being.

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