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Aayush Thakur

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FR8relay Gets $100K Grant for Testing of Relay Trucking System

The pilot program aims to showcase the practical application and benefits of the company's technology in real-world logistics operations. read more >
(From top left) Mary Anderson, Misty Bradley, Erin Faulkner, Neal Harwell, Jason Linam, Kelly Williams and Keri Zimmer
Business Services / Education / Transportation

8 Promoted at Black River Technical College (Movers & Shakers)

BRTC of Pochahontas gains several new directors and instructors. read more >
Deme Yuan, a co-founder of FR8relay, compares the enterprise to the Pony Express mail system of the 1860s. Riders went from station to station, either handing off the mail to other riders or picking up fresh mounts.  

Handing Off Truckloads To Hasten Drivers HomeLock Icon

Co-founders of FR8relay, Aayush Thakur and Deme Yuan, belive introducing "relay nodes" could transform the trucking industry. read more >