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Will AI Replace Doctors Who Read X-Rays, or Just Make Them Better Than Ever?

For doctors who review scans to spot cancer and other diseases, however, AI has loomed for about a decade as more algorithms promise to improve accuracy, speed up work and, in some cases, take over entire parts of the job. read more >
Education / Technology

Schools Turn to AI to Spot Guns as Companies Press Lawmakers for State Funds

When states allot millions of dollars for certain products, it often leaves less money for other important school safety efforts, such as electronic door locks, shatter-resistant windows, communication systems and security staff. read more >
Bo Ryall, president and CEO of the Arkansas Hospital Association
Health Care / Insurance / Legal / Technology

Reading The Future: Health Care (40 Years of Arkansas Business)

“I think there could be possibly more mergers or management agreements with hospitals that are facing financial challenges.” said Bo Ryall, President & CEO of the Arkansas Hospital Association. read more >
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AI Market Forecast to Hit $1.8 Trillion in 2030

The global value of the artificial intelligence market is expected to surge in the next decade, growing from about $95.6 billion in 2021 to $1.8 trillion by 2030, according to […] read more >
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AI & Copyright: Authors Fight Back Against Tech CompaniesLock Icon

Authors including former Gov. Mike Huckabee are seeking class-action status in federal courts against the tech companies, alleging that they illegally used their works to train AI programs that emulate human language. read more >
Education / Health Care / Technology

John Brown University to Offer Bachelor’s Degree in AI

John Brown University said it will be the first Christian university in the nation to offer a bachelor's in the field. read more >

Fuel Accelerator Announces First Cybersecurity Cohort

Selected companies will showcase their expertise in safeguarding sensitive data, network security, AI-driven cybersecurity tools and more. read more >
Agriculture & Poultry / Business Services / Education / Technology

U of A Researchers Get $5M for AI-Powered Food Supply Chain Platform

Cultivate IQ integrates sales and production data from across the farm-to-market supply chain to help plan and manage regional food supplies. read more >
Government & Politics

AI Companies Will Need to Start Reporting Their Safety Tests to the US Government

Ben Buchanan, the White House special adviser on AI, said in an interview that the government wants "to know AI systems are safe before they’re released to the public — the president has been very clear that companies need to meet that bar.” read more >
Banking & Finance / Investments

The Future of Banking Is Here (Tyler Morgan Commentary)

Modern technology, including AI, provides a net benefit to community banks. read more >
Business Services / Health Care

MedEvolve Adds AI to Care Management Software

MedEvolve said the addition of the Gemini platform will help streamline coding operations and create additional capacity for growth in the service line. read more >
Business Services / Public Companies / Small Business

Microsoft and Others are Making New Tools to Help Small Businesses Capitalize On AI

MasterCard is piloting a product called MasterCard Small Business A.I., aimed at helping small business owners analyze data and offer other resources to help grow their business. read more >
Government & Politics / Media & Marketing

AI-Powered Misinformation is World’s Biggest Short-Term Threat, Davos Report Says

The authors worry that the boom in generative AI chatbots means that creating sophisticated synthetic content that can be used to manipulate groups of people won't be limited any longer to those with specialized skills. read more >
A Walmart in the San Francisco Bay area 
Public Companies / Retail

Walmart Experiments With AI to Enhance Customers’ Shopping Experiences

Among AI advances, Walmart announced a generative AI-powered search tool for iOS users that suggests relevant products for consumer queries. read more >
Real Estate / Technology

AI-Driven Real Estate Fraud Emerges in Arkansas

Real estate fraud, driven by AI in seller impersonation schemes, causes financial losses, highlighting the need for title insurance to protect against such manipulation. read more >
Media & Marketing / Public Companies

The Year of Social Media Soul-Searching: Twitter Dies, X and Threads are Born and AI Gets Personal

We lost Twitter and got X. We tried out Bluesky and Mastodon (well, some of us did). We fretted about AI bots and teen mental health. We cocooned in private […] read more >

AI Pioneer Says Public Discourse on Intelligent Machines Must Give ‘Proper Respect to Human Agency’

Not all computer scientists thought Fei-Fei Li was on the right track when she came up with the idea for a giant visual database called ImageNet that took years to build. read more >
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The New York Times Sues OpenAI, Microsoft Over The Use of Its Stories to Train Chatbots

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Times has filed a federal lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft seeking to end the practice of using its stories to train chatbots, saying that […] read more >
Media & Marketing

Sports Illustrated is the Latest Media Company Damaged by an AI Experiment Gone Wrong

NEW YORK (AP) — Computer-generated writers … writing computer-generated stories? Sports Illustrated is the latest media company to see its reputation damaged by being less than forthcoming — if not […] read more >
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Into the Future (Gwen Moritz Commentary)

Predicting the future may be as simple as recognizing typical patterns. read more >