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Update: Companies Withdraw Plan to Set Arkansas Lithium Royalties

The topic had been scheduled for discussion at an April 23 meeting of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission in El Dorado. read more >
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Bringing In the Brine: South Arkansas Lithium Projects Face Engineering ChallengesLock Icon

Companies have invested hundreds of millions to create an Arkansas lithium industry, the infrastructure for which will be costly. read more >
Standard Lithium's drill rig at the well re-entry site in Lafayette County. The drill rig has since demobilized from the site after reaching a total measured depth of 8,940 feet, and has been replaced by a workover rig to complete perforations, final testing and sampling.
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Arkansas Lithium Is Now a Reality

The only remaining question is this: How big will the industry’s potential be? read more >
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Exxon Mobil Dives Into South Arkansas

Commercializing lithium should be natural for the Natural State, Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said last week as Exxon Mobil Corp. announced the start of major brine operations in south Arkansas. read more >
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Hints for Landowners On Lithium Royalties

Some of the people paying closest attention to the birth of a lithium industry in south Arkansas are the landowners with mineral rights leased out for their underground brine. read more >
Albemarle Foundation representatives give a check for $60,000 to representatives from Southern Arkansas University for SAU engineering. The engineering program is set to begin this fall with about 20 students.
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SAU Gets $60,000 Engineering Program Donation

The Southern Arkansas University engineering program recently received a $60,000 donation from Albemarle and the Albemarle Foundation. In all, that's $200,000 from the specialty chemical company for the SAU Albemarle Endowed Professor of Engineering. read more >