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Truckers Promote Alternatives to EVs

Electric vehicles are a great idea for the private automobile sector but not so much for the trucking industry. read more >
Deme Yuan, a co-founder of FR8relay, compares the enterprise to the Pony Express mail system of the 1860s. Riders went from station to station, either handing off the mail to other riders or picking up fresh mounts.  

Handing Off Truckloads To Hasten Drivers HomeLock Icon

Co-founders of FR8relay, Aayush Thakur and Deme Yuan, belive introducing "relay nodes" could transform the trucking industry. read more >
CEO John Roberts of J.B. Hunt and Joe Vitiritto, CEO of PAM Transport, both saw their companies report an increase in their last earnings report.
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Arkansas Trucking Companies Showing Drivers the Money

It isn’t all doom and gloom in the transportation industry, and that is good news for those who drive trucks. read more >
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‘Truck Dating’ App Woos Elusive Drivers

Truck Drivers USA launches a platform to connect companies and drivers on its website, matching applications with companies that are looking for drivers with similar qualifications. read more >
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ATA: I-40 Closure Could Cost Trucking $2.4M A Day

The closure of the Hernando de Soto Bridge connecting Arkansas and Tennessee on Interstate 40 could cost the trucking industry more than $2.4 million a day, the Arkansas Trucking Association said Friday. read more >
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Driver Scarcity Isn’t New, but It’s Bad as EverLock Icon

In a tight labor market, filling the driver’s seat is back as a top challenge for trucking companies. A complicating factor: COVID-19 temporarily shut driving schools. read more >
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Trucking Expert Hopes Pandemic Dampens Verdicts

Rebecca Brewster had some sobering news but expressed hope for the future during a speech at the Arkansas Trucking Association’s annual conference last week at the Hammons Center in Rogers. read more >
Sarah Huckabee Sanders
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Sarah Sanders Will Speak at ATA Conference

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be the keynote speaker at the Arkansas Trucking Association's annual conference Tuesday. read more >
USA Truck CEO James Reed

ATRI Appoints Four New Members to its Board

The American Transportation Research Institute announced Tuesday the appointment of four new members to its board of directors. read more >
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ATRI Weighs In on Infrastructure

There were few surprises among the recommendations in a recent report by the American Transportation Research Institute. read more >
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Arkadelphia Is Costly Clog for Truckers

Arkadelphia sits on Interstate 30 and Highway 7 and has a total of only 83 highway miles within its metropolitan area. Its truck traffic problems are well known and will undoubtedly get worse after Shandong Sun Paper Industry opens a $1.3 billion pulp mill plant in a few years. read more >
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Arkansas Trucking Association Highlights Parking Problem

Finding safe, quality parking is harder than you would think. Imagine the millions of trucks on the road and then realize that there are a little more than 300,000 public and private parking spots allotted for them. read more >
Comedian Tracy Morgan received a large settlement from Wal-Mart after a June 2014 accident involving one of the retailer’s drivers. The accident injured Morgan and three others and killed another man.
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‘Nuclear’ Judgments Cited As Trucking Insurance Rises

The American Transportation Research Institute reports that insurance premium costs rose from 7.1 cents per mile in 2014 to 9.2 cents in 2015. read more >