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Truckers Promote Alternatives to EVs

Electric vehicles are a great idea for the private automobile sector but not so much for the trucking industry. read more >
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Driving Change: Arkansas Accelerates EV Infrastructure Overhaul with $54MLock Icon

Arkansas will receive $54.1 million from the program to build NEVI-compliant electric charging stations throughout the state. The first 19 projects awarded this past year will cost nearly $15 million and are almost exclusively on the interstate system. read more >
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Lack of Parking Remains Problem for Trucking Industry

Rep. Rick Crawford’s subcommittee advanced a bill Tuesday that would provide $755 million in federal money over the next three years to state agencies to expand truck parking access. read more >
Shelley Simpson, president of J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc., says the freight recession is more of an inventory correction, as consumer buying habits change after the pandemic.
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Trucking Firms Ready to Ride Out A Freight RecessionLock Icon

Global companies may weather the storm, but smaller truckers are at risk. read more >
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Trucking Sector Balks At Emissions Timeline

The EPA’s Phase 3 proposal called for standards that would result in 35% of short-haul tractors and 25% of long-haul tractors being electric by 2032. read more >
U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford 
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Crawford Vows Hard Eye On Infrastructure Funds

U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford of Arkansas wants to make sure bureaucrats don’t muddle up the works when it comes to infrastructure funding. read more >
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Sky-High Diesel Prices Squeeze Truckers, Farmers, Consumers

High gasoline prices have eased somewhat in recent weeks. But diesel has remained chronically high, with American refineries operating near capacity. read more >
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Improved Safety Key to Getting Women Drivers

Trucking industry officials have been concerned for years about the driver shortage. But one possible solution — recruiting more women drivers — can’t happen without help from Congress, one industry official said. read more >
Deme Yuan, a co-founder of FR8relay, compares the enterprise to the Pony Express mail system of the 1860s. Riders went from station to station, either handing off the mail to other riders or picking up fresh mounts.  

Handing Off Truckloads To Hasten Drivers HomeLock Icon

Co-founders of FR8relay, Aayush Thakur and Deme Yuan, belive introducing "relay nodes" could transform the trucking industry. read more >
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson with members of the Arkansas Council on Future Mobility (from left) Alan Mantooth, council chairman Cyrus Sigari, council members state Secretary of Transportation Lorie Tudor, state Secretary of Commerce Mike Preston and Canoo Inc. CEO Tony Aquila.
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Arkansas Makes Its Case for Mobility

Arkansas has become a hub for trying out new transportation options. read more >
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Will the Trucking Boom Be Long Haul?

Freight demand emerges as a possible impediment to industry's momentum. read more >
CEO John Roberts of J.B. Hunt and Joe Vitiritto, CEO of PAM Transport, both saw their companies report an increase in their last earnings report.
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Arkansas Trucking Companies Showing Drivers the Money

It isn’t all doom and gloom in the transportation industry, and that is good news for those who drive trucks. read more >
Bob Costello
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The Future of Truck Driving

In the midst of the annual consternation about driver shortage are the growing research and interest in autonomous vehicles. Have trouble finding drivers? Use a truck that doesn’t need one. read more >
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‘Truck Dating’ App Woos Elusive Drivers

Truck Drivers USA launches a platform to connect companies and drivers on its website, matching applications with companies that are looking for drivers with similar qualifications. read more >
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Driver Scarcity Isn’t New, but It’s Bad as EverLock Icon

In a tight labor market, filling the driver’s seat is back as a top challenge for trucking companies. A complicating factor: COVID-19 temporarily shut driving schools. read more >
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Infrastructure Still No Joking Matter

President Biden says he wants his administration to invest more in infrastructure than the country has seen since the Eisenhower administration. read more >
Shannon Newton, president of the Arkansas Trucking Association
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Truckers Seek Access to Early Vaccines

The American Trucking Associations in Washington, D.C., is lobbying to ensure the nation’s drivers aren’t forgotten where the coronavirus vaccine is concerned. read more >
USA Truck CEO James Reed, fourth from right, holding child, has more diversity in his family than he does at the top of his company, but he’s working on that. Reed has a daughter who is a Pacific Islander, a daughter-in-law who is Black and a biracial grandchild. “I’m a little sensitive to the issue to begin with,” he says.
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Driving Diversity Is Personal for Reed, USA Truck’s CEOLock Icon

Reed is one of many executives in the state who are banging the drum for businesses to become more diverse and inclusive, a movement that has gained momentum in the wake of recent Black Lives Matter protests. read more >
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Truck Driver Pay Rose Before Pandemic

The American Trucking Associations released a driver compensation study on May 21 showing that the nation’s truck drivers received a nice bump in pay in 2019. read more >
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Trump Administration Takes Step to Relax Trucker Drive-Time Rules

The Trump administration has taken a step closer to relaxing federal regulations governing the amount of time truck drivers can spend behind the wheel, winning praise from the trucking industry and drawing scorn from highway safety advocates. read more >