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An offshore wind farm similar to the one being developed off the coast of New Jersey and New York. 

US Offshore Wind Energy Industry Faces Blowback From Locals

The U.S. has 27 wind farm projects in development, with an additional five locations up for auction in California next month, according to the Business Network for Offshore Wind, a nonprofit dedicated to helping develop the offshore wind industry. read more >
The Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas plant at Chaffee Crossing was built to manufacture single cell wind turbines, but the facility never entered production.
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Once Bright, Wind Sector In Arkansas Founders

What began as a promising new manufacturing sector for the state has petered out into one the Arkansas Economic Development Commission no longer actively pursues. read more >
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Winners and Losers (Editorial)

A couple of green industries in Arkansas — wind and biodiesel — have taken hits in the past few years, as this issue of Arkansas Business makes clear. read more >
Windmills like this one near Newport aren’t common in Arkansas, but making the components was expected to be big business here.
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Wind Supporters Link Subsidies to Survival of Arkansas’ Wind Energy Sector

With the announced closure of Nordex USA’s wind turbine plant in Jonesboro, it’s starting to look like Arkansas’ wind energy industry didn’t survive the election. read more >
A wind turbine manufactured by Nordex.

Nordex Wind Turbine Plant to Stop Production in Jonesboro

A Jonesboro wind turbine factory that once projected having 750 employees is ending production, putting about 40 people out of work. Nordex USA says production will shift to Germany and attributed the move to overcapacity in the industry and the lack of a long-term federal production tax credit. read more >
The last chance to extend the wind power tax credit is in the budget deal that will be cut between Obama and Republicans in the lame duck session of Congress.
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Congress Extends Wind Energy Tax Credit in Fiscal Cliff Deal

Congress has included an extension of wind energy tax credits in the bill to avert the so-called "fiscal cliff." read more >