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In the Nick of Time (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

City and county collections would have suffered during the pandemic had the tax laws continued to favor out-of-state online retailers over brick-and-mortar stores. read more >
Gov. Asa Hutchinson
Government & Politics / Legal / Transportation

Arkansas Voters Approve Ballot Measures for Highways, Term Limits

Arkansas voters approve permanently extending a half-cent sales tax for highways and loosening term limits for legislators, but rejected efforts to impose new restrictions on ballot initiatives. read more >
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Bill Would Automatically Seal Some Criminal Records

An Arkansas lawmaker is proposing that some non-violent offenders be allowed to have their criminal records automatically sealed, a move backed by a coalition that says it would give people a second chance after serving their sentence. read more >
Mayor Mark StodolaCity of Little Rock
Government & Politics

Mark Stodola to Lead National League of Cities (Movers & Shakers)

Mark Stodola, mayor of Little Rock, was elected last month to a one-year term as president of the National League of Cities, the largest advocacy organization for cities and city leaders. read more >
Jeremy Hutchinson
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Arkansas Lawmakers Split on Reforms After Court Races

Arkansas lawmakers appeared split Wednesday on what changes, if any, are needed to how justices are chosen after conservative groups overwhelmed the state with TV ads and mailers in two state Supreme Court races this year. read more >
Robert Coon
Government & Politics / Small Business

A Program Worth Bridging The Ideological Divide (Robert Coon On Politics)

The growing rift between mainstream, establishment Republicans and their more conservative, Tea Party colleagues threatens to engulf every major policy issue coming down the pike in Congress. read more >
Blake Rutherford
Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance

Health Care and the GOP Dilemma (Blake Rutherford On Politics)

It has been an important week for proponents of the Affordable Care Act. Positive developments in enrollment and favorable economic conditions present a dilemma for Republicans, particularly those who pursue a singular strategy in November. read more >
Teresa Oelke

Teresa Oelke: Making an Impact

Teresa Oelke, who began serving as head of Americans for Prosperity-Arkansas in 2009 and is now considered one of the more influential figures in the state’s political scene, freely admits she needed a little time to grow into her current role. She wasn’t exactly a mastermind of grassroots politics right out of the gate. read more >
President Barack Obama
Government & Politics

Obama Dislike Fuels GOP Takeover in Arkansas

President Barack Obama's unpopularity and the involvement of outside conservative groups helped Republicans in Arkansas achieve a prize that had eluded them for 138 years when they swept the state's U.S. House seats and wrested control of the state Senate in Tuesday's election. read more >
Government & Politics

Mike Beebe: Outside Groups Have Misled Voters About Arkansas

Gov. Mike Beebe on Saturday accused outside conservative groups of misleading voters on Arkansas' record on education, jobs and taxes, as he and fellow Democrats made a final push to prevent a Republican takeover of the state Legislature. read more >
The logo for Americans for Prosperity, which expects to spend at least $400,000 this year in 32 House and Senate districts around Arkansas.
Government & Politics

Outside Groups Spend Big on Arkansas Statehouse Races

The involvement of outside groups in the fight for Arkansas' Legislature, where Republicans are trying to win control for the first time since Reconstruction, is taking center stage during the final campaign days in a state where the presidential contest and congressional campaigns are mostly sidelined. read more >