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Amy Golden McCay

Lex Golden
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No Auction in Golden Bankruptcy; FDIC Judgment GoneLock Icon

As it stands now, there will be no auction of assets owned by fallen banker Lex Golden and his wife, Ellen. read more >
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Amy Golden McCay Files for Chapter 7 BankruptcyLock Icon

The outstanding balance of an FDIC $324,632 summary judgment from January 2015 against Amy Golden McCay is now part of her recently filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. read more >
Alex Golden
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FDIC Sues Members of Acme’s Golden Family over Unpaid Loans

The president of Allied Bank’s Acme Holding Co. and his sister are the subjects of federal lawsuits. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. sued Alex Golden and Amy Golden McCay in U.S. District Court in Atlanta over delinquent loans totaling more than $1 million. read more >
Lex and Alex Golden, father and son executives at Acme Holding Co., are fending off creditors with a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in hopes of preserving equity in Acme’s ownership of the $138 million-asset  Allied Bank of Mulberry (Crawford County). | (Photo by Jason Burt)
Banking & Finance / Investments / Legal

Acme Files Chapter 11 to Avoid Takeover

The parent company of Allied Bank of Mulberry was steered into bankruptcy to stave off a possible takeover by a fellow lender. The defensive move buys Acme Holding Co. more time to work out a solution with Chambers Bank of Danville and other creditors. read more >