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Anthony Forest Products Co.

Conifex Timber Inc. of Vancouver was just one of several Canadian companies that have invested heavily in the forest products industry in Arkansas.
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A Decade After Recession, Arkansas Timber Industry RebornLock Icon

The timber industry, the biggest employer in south Arkansas, has recovered in the decade since the Great Recession. That doesn’t mean it will ever be the same. read more >
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Canfor Completes $93.5M Deal for Anthony Forest Products

Canfor Corp. of Vancouver said it has completed its previously announced $93.5 million purchase of Anthony Forest Products Co. of El Dorado. read more >
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Climate Change Drives Canadian Lumber Buying Spree

Milder winters and warmer summers have meant higher survival rates for the mountain pine beetle, which has triggered an epidemic that began in the 1990s which had killed by 2012 946 million cubic yards of pine trees in British Columbia. More than 45 million acres of forest have been affected. read more >
This mural, titled “The Natural Cycle of Wood,” adorns the east side of Anthony Forest Products’ headquarters in El Dorado. The mural was painted by artists Maria and Jorge Villegas in 1995.
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Aubra Anthony: Sale of Anthony Forest Products Best for Family

The $93.5 million sale of Anthony Forest Products Co. to a Canadian company was the best choice for the Anthony family, for the firm’s employees, for the communities it operates in and for its customers and suppliers, said CEO Aubra Anthony. read more >
Aubra H. Anthony Jr.
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Canadian Company Buying Anthony Forest Products for $93.5M

Anthony Forest Products Co. of El Dorado, one of the largest private companies in Arkansas, is being sold to publicly traded Canfor Corp. of Vancouver, the two companies announced late Monday afternoon. read more >
A fire severely damaged the Urbana facility of Anthony Forest Products on June 3, 2013. | (Photo provided by Anthony Forest)
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Anthony Puts Heat on Insurance Company After Sawmill Fire

Anthony Forest Products Co. is hauling its insurance carrier into court for allegedly failing to pay off a claim for a 2013 fire that caused $5.6 million in damage. read more >
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Agricultural Firms Note Strong Growth

Most large private agricultural enterprises in Arkansas posted double-digit growth last year, and the chiefs of at least two of those companies expressed cautious optimism that the worst of the recession is behind them. read more >