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Climate Change Drives Canadian Lumber Buying Spree

Milder winters and warmer summers have meant higher survival rates for the mountain pine beetle, which has triggered an epidemic that began in the 1990s which had killed by 2012 946 million cubic yards of pine trees in British Columbia. More than 45 million acres of forest have been affected. read more >
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Rains Slow State’s Timber Operations, But No Shortages Predicted

Just as a wet spring can keep farmers out of their fields, standing water and mud can grind timber operations to a halt. Across the southern half of the state this spring, timber-cutting equipment has remained idle as poor weather has resulted in tightening mill stocks. read more >
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Anthony Forest Releases Online Lumber Calculator

Anthony Forest Products of El Dorado launched a lumber span calculator on its website to help craftsmen adjust to a recent industrywide change in design values for Southern pine dimension lumber. read more >
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Arkansas Business: Best Quotes of 2012

From John L. Smith’s pep talk to reporters to U.S. District Judge Bill Wilson’s withering remarks to out-of-line prosecutors, they said it all in 2012. read more >
Builders of El Dorado High School used wood throughout the building. According to Woodworks.org, wood lowers a building's cabon footprint through "avoided" greenhouse gas emissions.
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Wood Increasingly Used In School Construction

A change four years ago in state guidelines has led to an increasing use of wood in school construction. One of the highest profile examples of wood construction in an education facility is the $43.2 million 322,500-SF El Dorado High School, which opened a year ago. read more >
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Riceland Foods: Biggest Name in the State’s Biggest Crop

Arkansas is the No. 1 rice-producing state in the nation. Nearly 50 percent of all rice consumed in the United States comes from the 1.5 million Arkansas acres of rice planted each year. Part of Arkansas Business' 20th anniversary issue. read more >