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Anthony Timberlands

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OSHA Cites Anthony Timberlands After Worker Death

In a statement, the agency blasted the company's "continued disregard for the safety and well-being of its employees." read more >

John Ed Anthony Receives AMFA Foundation’s Winthrop Rockefeller Award

He is the 47th recipient of the award, given to those who support the arts and the museum. read more >
"When it goes up that fast, it comes down equally fast. I guess it remains to be seen where it settles.” – Steve Anthony, president of Anthony Timberlands in Bearden
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Anthony Timberlands Sets Record For 2020, Aided by Lumber Prices

2020 was the best year in Anthony Timberlands’ history, and this year is shaping up to surpass that, said Steve Anthony, president of the company, based in Bearden. read more >
At Anthony Timberlands’  facility in Bearden, logs wait to be cut by a system that optimizes the amount of lumber that can be harvested from each log. Steve Anthony said he’s “conflicted” about the U.S.-China trade war.
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Pandemic Pushes Lumber Prices UpLock Icon

The coronavirus pandemic has boosted lumber demand throughout the United States, a surge that has pushed prices to record heights, raising the average price of a new single-family home by more than $16,000. read more >
Peter MacKeith, the dean of the Fay Jones School of Architecture & Design.
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UA Architecture Dean Builds Momentum, Pioneers Mass Timber UseLock Icon

As the mass timber construction industry takes hold in Arkansas, Peter MacKeith looks on like a proud papa. read more >
Steven Anthony at the Anthony Timberlands site in Bearden.
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Anthony Lumber Mills Keep Running, For Now, Despite Hoax Report of Virus

An ambulance was deployed Saturday morning to the Anthony Timberlands lumber mill in Bearden after some "twisted" anonymous hoaxster reported that the mill was "full of people with coronavirus," according to owner Steven Anthony. read more >
Steve Anthony, president of Anthony Timberlands of Bearden, says the crisis in the hardwood lumber industry has been years in the making.
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Trade War Cuts Deep in ArkansasLock Icon

The U.S.-China trade war is being fought in the forests and mill towns of Arkansas as tariffs take their toll on the hardwood lumber industry. So far, state lumbermen say, they’ve been able to absorb most of the losses, but a day of reckoning is coming. read more >
A statue of George Washington looks over the New York Exchange (NYSE) building on Wall Street.
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Nothing Lasts Forever (Editorial)

It looks like the “Trump bump” in 2017, when the DJIA increased by 25 percent, may have to suffice for two years — and it’s not a bad return even then. read more >
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Climate Change Drives Canadian Lumber Buying Spree

Milder winters and warmer summers have meant higher survival rates for the mountain pine beetle, which has triggered an epidemic that began in the 1990s which had killed by 2012 946 million cubic yards of pine trees in British Columbia. More than 45 million acres of forest have been affected. read more >
Steve AnthonyPresident of Anthony Timberlands of Bearden
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Steve Anthony of Anthony Timberlands on the Forestry Industry (Exec Q&A)

The president of Anthony Timberlands shares his thoughts on what the timber industry is doing to meet the challenges of a continued economic weakness, what he thinks of the federal government's environmental initiatives and whether the next year will be one of sustained growth. read more >
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Iconic Companies Exist Side-by-side With Innovators To Give Hot Springs Region Broad Base

Within the natural beauty of the triangle formed by the cities of Hot Springs, Malvern and Arkadelphia thrives a busy and diverse manufacturing economy. read more >
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Riceland Foods: Biggest Name in the State’s Biggest Crop

Arkansas is the No. 1 rice-producing state in the nation. Nearly 50 percent of all rice consumed in the United States comes from the 1.5 million Arkansas acres of rice planted each year. Part of Arkansas Business' 20th anniversary issue. read more >