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Arkansas Neurosurgery Clinic

From left: Dr. Eren Erdem; Dr. Scott Schlesinger
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Case Closed Between Feuding Neurosurgeons

The lawsuit between two Little Rock doctors that played out in the pages of Arkansas Business has been settled. read more >
Drs. Eren Erdem and Scott Schlesinger became friends in 2001. But their close friendship soured after Erdem accused Schlesinger of shortchanging him of physician fees for treating patients at Schlesinger’s Legacy Neurosurgery Center in Little Rock. In court filings, Schlesinger has denied any  wrongdoing. | (Photos by Mark Friedman)
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Lawsuit Hits Nerve for Former Friends Fighting Over Medical Fees Earned

A legal case between Dr. Eren Erdem and Dr. Scott Schlesinger serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of having a contract in place and how quickly a friendship can sour when money is involved. read more >
Health Care / Legal / Small Business

Oral Agreement Leads to Frayed Nerves Between Doctors

One Little Rock interventional neuroradiologist has accused his friend and fellow physician of shortchanging him hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical services provided. read more >