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Arkansas Nuclear One

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Lost Generation: Solar Power Shines Bright as Coal Plants Prepare to RetireLock Icon

New solar plants will help offset the loss of the two coal plants, which are set to close in 2028 and 2030. read more >

Golden Years (Lance Turner Editor’s Note)

Changing energy demands may keep Arkansas Nuclear One running for far longer than you’d think. read more >
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Arkansas Nuclear One: A Timeline

A brief overview of ANO's construction, growth and operations throughout the years. read more >
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Arkansas Nuclear One Turns 50

After a half-century of operation, Arkansas Nuclear One is licensed into the 2030s. read more >
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Arkansas Studies Nuclear Recycling for Mini-Reactors

State Rep. Jack Ladyman sponsored a law in the recent legislative session, Act 259, requiring the state to investigate the technical and economic potential for recycling spent nuclear fuel rods. read more >
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Arkansas’ Power Players (Lance Turner Editor’s Note)

Two power generation plans could position Arkansas as a leader in alternative energy. read more >
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Winds of Change In the Power Mix

Arkansas is set to see its first wind farm this year or next, a $300 million scattering of 500-foot-tall turbines with the capacity to generate 180 megawatts of electricity. read more >
CEO Andrew Barrett of Perihelion Solar makes a point at the company’s offices in downtown Russellville.
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Russellville Solar Startup Perihelion Gets Its Closeup

Perihelion Solar Inc. is thriving in the figurative shadows of Arkansas Nuclear One, the Entergy power plant on Lake Dardanelle. read more >
Arkansas’ only nuclear power plant, Entergy Arkansas’ Nuclear One, is near Russellville on the banks of Lake Dardanelle.
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Energy Department Offers Community Grants for Embracing Nuclear Power

$1.6 million is available over the next three years. read more >

Natural Gas Prices Drive Entergy Rate-Increase Plan

The utility is seeking an increase that would add about 7.5% to the average residential customer’s bill. read more >
Theron and Jeanie Rowbotham with Mae and Tate on their Hagarville farm.
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Solar Energy on the Farm of a Nuclear Family

A Johnson County turkey farm shows its feathers by going far beyond the call of environmental duty. read more >
Arkansas’ only nuclear power plant, Entergy Arkansas’ Nuclear One, is near Russellville on the banks of Lake Dardanelle.
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50-Year Old Nuclear Units, Nowhere Near Retirement

On Friday, Unit 1 of Arkansas Nuclear One will turn 47. read more >
Dr. T.W. Morris III and Natalie Cannady of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
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Morris, Cannady Accept New Roles at UAMS (Movers & Shakers)

Dr. T.W. Morris III has joined the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock as a neurosurgeon. Natalie Cannady has been named the director of a new UAMS institutional wellness program. read more >
Arkansas’ only nuclear power plant, Entergy Arkansas’ Nuclear One, is near Russellville on the banks of Lake Dardanelle.
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Arkansas Nuclear One Emerges from Regulatory PurgatoryLock Icon

Rich Anderson was comfortably in retirement when Entergy Arkansas came calling, looking for help steering Nuclear One back to good graces. read more >
Entergy Arkansas has agreed to stop burning coal at White Bluff, one of its two major coal plants, by 2028.
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Power Balance Shifting In Arkansas: Coal Crucial But Losing Ground

King Coal isn’t dead, but it’s being dethroned as the top fuel source for creating electric power in Arkansas. read more >
Arkansas Nuclear One near Russellville is a major power source  for Entergy Arkansas, which derives nearly 70 percent of its generation from nuclear sources. Entergy, like other Arkansas utilities, uses far less coal than it once did, and a Trump administration is not likely to reverse the trend. Coal-fired generation makes up just 4 percent of Entergy’s total. Cheap natural gas provides 24 percent.
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Energy Sector In Arkansas Expects Shift Under Trump, Not Upheaval

An oil- and coal-friendly Trump administration is taking power in Washington, promising a real shake-up. Still, Arkansas energy observers caution against expecting a huge shift. read more >

Fire Contained at Arkansas Nuclear One

A transformer caught fire at a nuclear power plant in Arkansas on Monday, forcing utility officials to take one of two units at the facility offline. read more >

Arkansas One Records 235 Safety Violations in 13 Years

The Arkansas One nuclear power plant in Russellville experienced 234 lower-level and one higher-level safety violations between 2000 and 2012. read more >
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OSHA Levies $175K in Fines in Fatal Crane Accident

A federal safety agency has levied $175,000 in fines against a crane company, Entergy and other firms over a fatal crane accident at Arkansas Nuclear One in Russellville. read more >

Entergy Unit in Russellville Back Online After March Accident

Arkansas Nuclear One says it's returned to service one of its nuclear units that's been offline since an accident in March that killed a worker. read more >