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Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission

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Arkansas Tightens Grip on Bitcoin Mining

Arkansas bitcoin mining operations appear to be headed for more regulation. read more >
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Update: Companies Withdraw Plan to Set Arkansas Lithium Royalties

The topic had been scheduled for discussion at an April 23 meeting of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission in El Dorado. read more >
A generation rig owned by SWN Drilling Services is put to work in a patch of the Fayetteville Shale field, in northern Faulkner County southwest of Damascus in 2014.
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As Natural Gas Prices Hit 14-Year High, Shale Awaits

Hydraulic fracturing revolutionized production after being applied to shale formations, including the Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas. read more >
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Don’t Expect Oil and Gas to Drill Us Out of Crunch

Energy prices are up, but don’t count on comeback for fossil fuels. read more >
A generation rig owned by SWN Drilling Services is put to work in a patch of the Fayetteville Shale field, in northern Faulkner County southwest of Damascus in 2014.
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Will Power Crisis Revive Fracking? Don’t Bet on It

Without sustained higher prices, the promise of a natural gas rebound in Arkansas may be no more than hot air. read more >
Standard Lithium Ltd. of Canada and Lanxess, based in Germany, have partnered to put a pilot plant at a Lanxess site near El Dorado to test extracting lithium from brine at a commercial scale. The plant is expected to be operational by October or November.
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Canadians Set to Tap Arkansas LithiumLock Icon

The Candian’s company, Standard Lithium Ltd., broke ground last week on a pilot plant in El Dorado, a key step toward a unique vision of pulling battery-grade lithium from a saltwater sea beneath south Arkansas. read more >
A generation rig owned by SWN Drilling Services is put to work in a patch of the Fayetteville Shale field, in northern Faulkner County southwest of Damascus in 2014.
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Drilling Industry Waits for Bust to ClearLock Icon

Three years after natural gas prices plunged to their lowest point since 1998 — one-sixth the price seen in 2005 — the gas market remains depressed, drilling is dormant, and oil production is flat in the traditional crude belt of south Arkansas. read more >
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New Method of Extracting Lithium Makes El Dorado a Golden ProspectLock Icon

There’s something in the water in south Arkansas, and a Canadian company is moving in with a new way to get it out, and eventually into cellphone batteries, laptop computers and electric cars. read more >
Sandra Byrd
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Paris Accord Pullout May Have Muted Effect in Arkansas

President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord drew support and criticism from predictable quarters. But the bottom line for Arkansas businesses may be that the decision changes little here. read more >
Arkansas Nuclear One near Russellville is a major power source  for Entergy Arkansas, which derives nearly 70 percent of its generation from nuclear sources. Entergy, like other Arkansas utilities, uses far less coal than it once did, and a Trump administration is not likely to reverse the trend. Coal-fired generation makes up just 4 percent of Entergy’s total. Cheap natural gas provides 24 percent.
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Energy Sector In Arkansas Expects Shift Under Trump, Not Upheaval

An oil- and coal-friendly Trump administration is taking power in Washington, promising a real shake-up. Still, Arkansas energy observers caution against expecting a huge shift. read more >
James Inhofe
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Advocates for Environment Not Sorry to See Fracking Stop in Arkansas

The 10-year boom in Arkansas natural gas production poured billions of dollars into the state, but some Arkansans are not sad to see it end. read more >
Larry Bengal, director of the state Oil & Gas Commission, says gas is still plentiful in the Fayetteville Shale, but prices don’t support getting it.
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After Boom in Shale, Arkansas Gas Industry Faces Halt in Drilling

After a decade-long, multibillion-dollar bonanza of natural gas production in an Arkansas field called the Fayetteville Shale, the bust has landed with a thud. read more >
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Natural Gas in Fayetteville Shale Takes Arkansas from Zero to Billions in 10 Years

In the past decade, the players in the Fayetteville Shale have shuffled and consolidated, drilling has peaked and retreated, employment has expanded and contracted, technology has advanced, environmental and infrastructure concerns have reared their heads and government has responded. read more >
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Royalty Owners Haul Exxon Subsidiary XTO to Court Over Royalties

Independence County plaintiffs say in a federal lawsuit that XTO wasn’t getting the highest price possible for natural gas because it was selling the product to its own subsidiary, Cross Timbers Energy Services Inc., at below-market prices. read more >
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South Arkansas Formation Proves Disappointing So Far

The Lower Smackover Brown Dense formation has, so far, been a disappointment for exploration companies, mineral rights owners and state regulators hoping for a 21st century oil boom in south Arkansas and north Louisiana. read more >
Teresa Marks, director of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality: “We did a lot of inspections the first three to four years.” | (Photo by Jason Burt)
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Regulators Cite Greater Shale Knowledge as Environmental Complaints Dwindle

A decade of shale play development has seen a resolution of some of the early concerns, and two of the Arkansas regulators most involved in overseeing the gas industry in the play credit the growing “maturity” not just of the industry but of their own agencies and the public. read more >

Hanna Still Believes in Arkoma Basin’s Future

Hanna Oil & Gas Co. of Fort Smith has been drilling gas wells in the Arkoma Basin for two generations covering more than 50 years. President Bill Hanna, son of founder Jim Hanna, is confident the basin will be around and still producing for the next generation of Hannas. That has already started as Bill’s oldest son, Griffin, started work in the field for the company after graduating with a finance degree from the University of Denver. read more >
Entergy Arkansas Inc.'s Little Rock headquarters.

Entergy Tops Electric Utilities List

As is typical for Arkansas Business’ list of largest electric utility companies, Entergy Arkansas Inc. takes the top spot with $1.74 billion in 2012 revenue, up 2.86 percent from the previous year. The list is ranked by revenue as filed publicly with the Arkansas Public Service Commission. read more >
The Lower Smackover Brown Dense formation is in southern Arkansas and northern Louisiana. This map from Southwestern Energy Production Co. of Houston shows the locations of its wells.
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Southwestern Energy to Again Test Brown Dense

Unsuccessful attempts to strike oil in the Brown Dense formation in Arkansas aren’t stopping Southwestern Energy Production Co. of Houston from trying again. read more >

Gas Lawsuit Seeks Twice-Denied Permit

How far will a company go to get that well permit? read more >