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Arkansas River

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An Ounce of Prevention (Editorial)

The governor’s order to update the Arkansas Water Plan could be a start to addressing some potentially catastrophic issues. read more >
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Let’s Rethink the River in Little Rock (Christian Woods Commentary)

The Arkansas River presents a huge opportunity for downtown Little Rock. read more >
Rusty Meeks, CEO of the Arkansas Travelers, says the minor league ballclub and the city of North Little Rock have made real progress in dividing up the cost of extensive renovations to Dickey-Stevens Park, the Travs’ riverside home.
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CEO Puts All Doubt to Rest: Travelers to Stay Put in NLRLock Icon

Rusty Meeks says the minor league organization and the city of North Little Rock are navigating splitting the cost of renovations to Dickey-Stephens Park. read more >
The Yancopin rail bridge on the Arkansas River.
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Arkansas Gets $20.5M Grant to Fund Completion of Delta Heritage Trail

The grant is set to trigger a $20 million matching pledge from the Walton Family Foundation, the biggest ever for the state Department of Parks & Tourism. read more >
The Montgomery Point Lock and Dam at the confluence of the Mississippi and White rivers marks the entrance channel into the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System.
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Biden Budget Includes $149M for Three Rivers ProjectLock Icon

President Joe Biden’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2022 includes $149 million for the Three Rivers Project, which officials say would prevent an economically devastating shutdown of the 50-year-old McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System. read more >
Water rushes through the levee along the Arkansas River in Dardanelle on May 31.
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Arkansas Floods Force New Look at Old LeveesLock Icon

The historic spring flooding in Arkansas caused at least $100 million in damage. Now comes the re-evaluation of Arkansas’ long-neglected levee system, which will surely seek to address at least two big public policy questions: Who should be responsible for the levees? Who should pay for their maintenance? read more >
Michael Marion, general manager of Verizon Arena, has been at the event facility since it opened, overseeing a census of events hosted including 376 concerts, 196 family shows with 522 performances and 311 graduations.
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The Arena Era: Venue Set the Stage for 20 Years of RedevelopmentLock Icon

Verizon Arena is recognized as the key that started a redevelopment engine for downtown North Little Rock. Celebrating its 20th birthday in October, the facility is touted as an $83 million, debt-free, financially self-sufficient showcase for central Arkansas events. read more >
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Riverfest’s Legacy (Editorial)

The legacy of Riverfest is much greater than memories of fun, music, food and the occasional festival-goer wearing much too little clothing for his frame. read more >
Bryan Day, who became executive director of the Little Rock Port Authority in June 2014, says that adding 1,500-2,000 acres to the port “would set us up for 10 or 15 years.”
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Port of Little Rock Seeks Room To Grow

The No. 1 goal for Bryan Day, executive director of the Port of Little Rock, is to buy 1,500-2,000 acres with $10 million the port gets from a 1 percent sales tax approved in 2011. read more >
Brad Graves with Kansas City-based Massman Construction Co. checks his Go-Pro camera he is using to take time-lapse photos of the new Broadway Bridge construction project.
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Slideshow: As Broadway Bridge Rises, Drivers Plot New Route

The steel pieces floating on barges in the Arkansas River at downtown North Little Rock look like “a giant Erector Set,” but by next summer they are expected to form the basket-handle arches of the new $98.4 million Broadway Bridge. read more >

Forecasters: River’s Crest Soon, Lower for Spots in 3 States

Forecasters said Monday that the Mississippi River's crest will come sooner and lower for many locations in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. If that prediction holds, it means the unusual winter flood won't rival the inundation of 2011. read more >
The Arkansas River on Jan. 2, covering the Bill Clark Wetlands near the Clinton Presidential Library.

River Levels Falling, But Still Flood Warnings in Arkansas

The National Weather Service says the levels of flooded rivers in Arkansas are falling, but flood warnings remain in effect until further notice on many rivers across the state. read more >
Fireworks on the Arkansas River in Riverfront Park above First Security Amphitheater.

Riverfest: Everything You Need to Know About the State’s Biggest Music and Arts Fest

It's almost time! Riverfest, the state’s largest festival, is happening this weekend (May 23-25) along the Arkansas River in downtown Little Rock. Here's a rundown of everything you need to know about the super-fun music fest! read more >
The McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System opened to commercial traffic in 1970 and helps transport goods up the 420-foot rise in elevation between the Mississippi River and Catoosa, Okla.
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Fort Smith, Fayetteville Mayors See Need for Deeper Arkansas River

Many mayors of Arkansas cities would like to see the Arkansas River’s shipping channel deepened from 9 feet to 12 feet to facilitate more efficient barge traffic. Deeper water means heavier barges, and that means lower shipping costs, which means cheaper products for the rest of us. read more >
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Arkansas River: Geographic Divide Connects to Markets

The Arkansas River is one of four waterway systems in the state. The other navigable waterways are the Mississippi, White and Ouachita rivers, and the future of commerce on the Arkansas River is closely tied to the other waterways. read more >