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Recreational Marijuana Will Get a Vote This Fall, but Will It Count?

The measure was granted conditional approval while supporters try to get the Arkansas Supreme Court to restore its rejected ballot title. read more >
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Cannabis Cultivators Want Recreational Use on BallotLock Icon

Five Arkansas marijuana cultivators have put up $350,000 each to fund a ballot question committee about legalizing recreational use of their product. read more >
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Adult-Use Cannabis on Horizon as Study Looks at Medical Marijuana Data

Proponents say the plan is for recreational marijuana to complement the existing medical marijuana program, not replace it. read more >
Melissa Fults, executive director of the Drug Policy Education Group, says regulation of recreational marijuana is essential.
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Prospect of Full Marijuana Legalization Stirs PassionsLock Icon

Both the supporters and the opponents of legalizing recreational marijuana in Arkansas say they’re thinking of the children. read more >