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Bill Gwatney

Bill Gwatney
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Bill Gwatney: What Might Have BeenLock Icon

Democrats who worked with Bill Gwatney agree that the slain party leader would have had a "legitimate shot" at a higher political office had he lived. read more >
His political persona earned Bill Gwatney, shown here in 1995, the nickname “Gwatzilla,” a moniker borrowed from his car dealerships’ advertising.
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Murder of Bill Gwatney Remains BafflingLock Icon

As the 10th anniversary of the murder of Bill Gwatney approaches, associates of Democratic Party chairman have accepted that they will never understand the motive for a crime that made national news and launched months of fruitless investigation. read more >
State Rep. Jay Bradford, D-Pine Bluff, has switched houses but not sides in the “any willing provider” debate. (Photo by Michael Pirnique)
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‘Any Willing Provider’ Bill Returns, This Time Without Wilson Off to Races

A bill that has occupied lawyers for a full decade might have been a mere blip in the state’s long legislative history had Nick Wilson, the powerful and ultimately disgraced state senator from Pocahontas, not been so eager to get to the horse races on one particular day in February 1995. read more >
Bill Gwatney
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Remembering Past 40 Under 40 Honoree Bill Gwatney

Many of the past years’ honorees have gone on to big things, some have faced hardship, a very few have had trouble with the law, certainly all have experienced change good and bad. But for sheer shock, the murder of Bill Gwatney surely stands alone. He was 34 when Arkansas Business profiled him in 1994. He was 48 when he was killed in 2008. read more >
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A Look at 40 Under 40 Honorees Whose Lives Have Been Cut Short

Eight 40 Under 40 honorees have died since being recognized. Here's when they were honored and how they died. read more >
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Bloomberg Gun Control Group Targets Mark Pryor in TV Ad Invoking Bill Gwatney

A gun control group is invoking the 2008 shooting death of Arkansas' Democratic Party chairman with a new television ad questioning Sen. Mark Pryor's vote against expanded background checks. (Includes video.) read more >