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Hospital Prices to Go Online, But Will Numbers Tell Story?Lock Icon

The idea of Americans scrolling through hospital websites to find the best deal on a mammogram or tonsillectomy sounds good to almost everybody. But the devil is in the details, and when federal plans emerged to force hospitals and insurers to reveal their negotiated rates for all kinds of medical services, the pitchforks came out. read more >
Bo Ryall, president and CEO of the Arkansas Hospital Association
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Hard Year Adds Pain for Small Hospitals in Arkansas

Hospitals’ bottom lines were hurt by flat patient volume, a shortage of nurses and the high cost of specialty drugs read more >
Dr. Joe Thompson, former Arkansas surgeon general, says the state should be proud of its expanded Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act.
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Kicking Around Obamacare: Arkansas Keeps Score on ACALock Icon

Insurance and health pros talk winners, losers and the future of the Affordable Care Act and its effects felt in Arkansas. read more >
Dr. Michael Raber
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Neurosurgeon Bailed on Fayettevile Job, Now Must Pay

Washington Regional Medical Center recently won a judgment against a neurosurgeon who received a $48,000 signing bonus but quit before his first day at the Fayetteville hospital. read more >
Chad Aduddell, the CEO of CHI St. Vincent:
“There’s a lot of pain and a lot of uncertainty” in the health care industry.
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Bottom Line Taking Time to Get Better for Arkansas HospitalsLock Icon

2017 was a tough year for some Arkansas hospitals, and the situation could be getting worse. read more >
Ray Hanley, president & CEO of the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care, opposes attempts to halt the Affordable Care Act.
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Obamacare Lawsuit Stirs Worries for InsurersLock Icon

Arkansas and 19 other Republican-led states are taking their shot at dismantling the Affordable Care Act, rekindling the anxieties of health care executives who fear thousands of Arkansans could lose insurance coverage. read more >
After racing to add doctors as employees, hospitals have begun to find an equilibrium.
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Hospitals’ Hiring Frenzy Now in RemissionLock Icon

After a years-long spree of hospitals eagerly hiring doctors and snapping up medical practices, the fever has broken, but the aftereffects are striking. read more >
Bo Ryall, president and CEO of the Arkansas Hospital Association
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Arkansas Hospitals Fear Changes in Medicaid, Arkansas WorksLock Icon

As the fight over health care continues in Congress, Arkansas hospital executives are worried about changes being made to Arkansas’ Medicaid expansion program known as Arkansas Works, which has saved hospitals $150 million annually in uncompensated care. read more >
The conference, sponsored by Simmons Bank and held at the Pine Bluff Convention Center, brought together policy leaders, business owners, educators and others to discuss how the region can be managed amid population declines.
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At Delta Conference, Panel Says ‘Arkansas Works,’ More Doctors Crucial

The Arkansas Delta needs more doctors, and passage of Gov. Asa Hutchinson's "Arkansas Works" plan for Medicaid expansion is crucial, attendees of "The Arkansas Delta: Why It Still Matters" conference were told Thursday. read more >
Scott Pace
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Poll Finds Little Support to Move State’s Medicaid Population to Managed Care

A telephone survey of Arkansas voters found that only 15 percent supported moving the state's Medicaid population to managed care, according to the results released Friday. read more >
Bo Ryall
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Hospitals: Uncompensated Care Fell 55 Percent in Private Option’s First Year

Uncompensated care fell 55 percent, or $149 million, during the first year of Arkansas' private option, according to a report released Thursday by the Arkansas Hospital Association. read more >
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Arkansas’ Model Medicaid Experiment, the Private Option, in Jeopardy

Arkansas became the first southern state to expand its Medicaid program in a way that many Republicans found acceptable. Now Arkansas could be on the brink of another distinction: becoming the first to abandon its Medicaid expansion after giving coverage to thousands. read more >
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Health Care Hospitality: Hospitals Use Amenities To Dazzle Patients

Hospitals around the country are competing with each other based on such amenities — those in Arkansas are no exception — and some are taking cues from the hospitality industry. read more >
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Bo Ryall Expands on Medical Staff Expansions

A few stray bonus cuts from this week's Executive Q&A feature with Arkansas Hospital Association president and CEO Bo Ryall. read more >
Bo Ryall
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Arkansas Hospital Association’s Bo Ryall on the New Health Care Law

Bo Ryall joined the Arkansas Hospital Association in 2005 and has been its president since 2010. He has served as chief lobbyist on the state level for Arkansas hospitals and was previously executive director of the HomeCare Association of Arkansas. read more >