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Brad Delco

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PAM: Lawsuit Threatens Driver Wage ModelLock Icon

PAM Transport Inc. of Tontitown is fighting a class-action lawsuit brought in 2016 that it said could send shock waves through the trucking industry and radically change the way drivers are paid. read more >
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ArcBest Calls Stock Analysis Reporting ‘Defamatory’

Stocks of ArcBest recently dropped following an online report raising issues with the company's accounting. As the stock price dropped, ArcBest did damage control. read more >
James Reed faced a tough first task as CEO at USA Truck in Van Buren, reporting a 2016 loss of $7.7 million. This year, he is expecting a profit.
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CEO James Reed Demands Quick Results at USA Truck

James Reed knows the best way USA Truck Inc. of Van Buren can remove any questions about its stability is with positive financial results. read more >
Tom Glaser (left) took over as President and CEO of USA Truck after John Simone (right) stepped down after being diagnosed with cancer.
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USA Truck Making Best Of Leadership Change

USA Truck Inc. of Van Buren may be in the best possible circumstances to handle the recent resignation of its top executive because of health issues. read more >
Maverick Transportation opened its new $4 million driver training center in late July in North Little Rock. | (Photo by Wil Chandler)
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Trucking Firms Raise Pay To Keep Moving

Listen to any Arkansas trucking company executive — with the possible exception of unionized ABF Freight — and you will hear lamentations about driver shortages in the industry. Short of cultural change to repopularize the job, executives know they have to pay more to attract drivers and work harder to keep them. The trend doesn’t look like it is going to get any better anytime soon. read more >
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Rebranding Advertises a New ‘ArcBest’

The company formerly known as Arkansas Best Corp. became ArcBest Corp. on May 1. The name change — officially a rebranding — was companywide as email addresses, the website and headquarter marquees were among the makeovers. read more >
Cliff Beckham
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Finding Truck Drivers Remains a Tough Job

Driver recruiting and retention — we’ll lump them together as one entity — is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry. Recent federal regulations with strict guidelines regarding drive and break times only complicate trucking companies’ ability to attract and keep drivers, officials said. read more >
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Closings Proposal a Reminder of Union Role at ABF

Arkansas Best Corp.’s Dec. 4 announcement that it hoped to close 22 more terminals did not come as a surprise to industry analysts, who were expecting just such cost-cutting moves by the less-than-truckload carrier based in Fort Smith. read more >
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Teamsters Deal Brings Flexibility, Value to ABF

While analysts say it will take awhile for ABF Freight System Inc. to fully realize the benefits of its five-year labor agreement with the Teamsters, the deal is already going over well on Wall Street. read more >