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Brent Bumpers

A new line of cracker snacks from Moonlight Mixes come in three flavors.
Manufacturing / Retail

Snack Company Releases New Wicked Product

Moonlight Mixes of Little Rock has released a new snack product line called Wicked Minis in three flavors — Garden Dill, Garlic Parmesan and Crushed Red Pepper. read more >
Manufacturing / Restaurants & Food

Wicked Mix Shells Out New Oyster SnacksLock Icon

Brent Bumpers’ Wicked Mix company is introducing a new product line: Wicked Minis, three flavors of oyster crackers. read more >
Wicked Mix, founded by Brent Bumpers, employs six at a 7,500-SF facility at 2321 Cantrell Road.
Manufacturing / Restaurants & Food / Small Business

Brent Bumpers’ Wicked Mix Expands in Riverdale

Brent Bumpers’ Wicked Mix enterprise has doubled its production space at 2321 Cantrell Road, in a facility near Cajun’s Wharf. The company, now occupying 7,500 SF, employs six workers, three in production and three in the office. read more >
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West Little Rock Retail Rings Up $4.5M Purchase (Real Deals)

An 8,245-SF retail project in west Little Rock tipped the scales at $4.56 million. An investment group purchased the 11400 Cantrell Road property from Chi-Little Rock LLC of Greenville, South Carolina. read more >
Manufacturing / Restaurants & Food / Small Business

Brent Bumpers Back in the Mix with ‘Wicked Mix’

Brent Bumpers of Little Rock is leasing “a modest production facility” in the Cajun’s Wharf area, where he employs five part-time workers producing a new snack food called Wicked Mix. read more >
Legal / Small Business

Heeding A Biblical Command (Editorial)

Have you ever noticed that those most in need of asking forgiveness are frequently the least likely to seek it? The converse is true: Those least in need of making apologies are often the ones with the most tender consciences. read more >
Allen Stanford, seen in this 2009 mug shot by the U.S. Marshals Service.
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Bankruptcy Judge Blocks Testimony in Stanford Adviser’s Trial

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge John Mixon would not allow Little Rock lawyers Brent Bumpers and Sam Baxter to testify for Christopher Collier, accused of tricking two clients into buying worthless Antiguan CDs. read more >