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Brett Kavanaugh

The United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.
Banking & Finance / Education / Legal

Supreme Court Seems Ready to Sink Student Loan Forgiveness

Biden's only hope for being allowed to move forward with his plan appeared to be the slim possibility, based on the arguments, that the court would find that Republican-led states and individuals challenging the plan lacked the legal right to sue. read more >
The U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.
Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance

High Court Rules Against Government on Drug Reimbursement

The justices ruled unanimously that the federal government improperly lowered drug reimbursement payments to hospitals and clinics that serve low-income communities. read more >
Agriculture & Poultry / Business Services / Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance / Legal / Manufacturing / Retail / Small Business

Supreme Court Weighs Vaccine Rules Affecting 80 Million Workers

Justices began hearing oral arguments Friday. read more >
Government & Politics / Health Care / Legal

U.S. Supreme Court Dismisses Challenge to Obama Health Law

The U.S. Supreme Court has dismissed a challenge to the Obama era health care law, preserving insurance coverage for millions of Americans. read more >

The Midterm Election is Likely to Produce a Split Congress (Heather Yates On Politics)

In many areas of the country on election night, the "blue wave" narrative generating so much enthusiasm among Democrats might appear more like a blue trickle. read more >
Democrat Clarke Tucker, a state representative from Little Rock, is challenging Rep. French Hill, the GOP incumbent in Arkansas' 2nd District.
Media & Marketing

Radio Ad in Arkansas Suggests ‘Lynching’ If Democrats Win

A Republican congressman in central Arkansas and his challenger on Thursday condemned a political action committee's radio ad that suggests white Democrats will lynch black Americans if they win the midterm election next month. read more >
Government & Politics

What’s Likely to Mobilize Voter Turnout in Arkansas? (Heather Yates On Politics)

Elections are hard to predict, and voter turnout can be even harder. But a few variables can offer insight. Ahead of the election, I'm looking at how these factors could play out in Arkansas. read more >
The Arkansas Supreme Court building in Little Rock.

Kavanaugh Fight Mirrors Races for State Supreme Courts, Including in Arkansas

The bitterly partisan fight over President Donald Trump's pick for the nation's highest court, and the questions it has raised about the judiciary's independence, mirror what voters are seeing in state supreme court races around the country. read more >
Legal / Media & Marketing

Reckless Disregard For the Truth (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

I certainly don’t have a Harvard Law diploma like Ed Whelan, but I know defamation when I see it. You don’t suggest in a public forum that a living person even might have committed a crime without darn good sourcing read more >