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Brett Myers

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From the Fabulist Mind of John RogersLock Icon

The national publicity John Rogers created with his $1.62 million purchase of the crowned king of all Honus Wagner baseball cards in August 2008 was the one of the first opportunities he had to make himself look even more important and successful. read more >
Brett Myers of Fox Rothschild LLP in Dallas.
Legal / Media & Marketing

Brett Myers Files Motion To Withdraw as John Rogers’ Attorney

Brett Myers of Dallas represented Rogers in a string of civil lawsuits in Pulaski County Circuit Court. He has now filed motions to withdraw as Rogers’ attorney, citing “a breakdown in the professional attorney-client relationship.” read more >
John Rogers leaves Pulaski County Circuit Court after lawyers argued a request for a contempt hearing.

John Rogers Appears in Court As Lawyers Argue Over Contempt

John Rogers, the fallen sports memorabilia and photo archive dealer, made a surprise appearance Wednesday morning in Pulaski County Circuit Court. read more >
John Rogers told investors he had made a deal with Hearst Newspapers that would insure they wouldn't "be out of photos for many years."
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Update: Judge Issues Arrest Warrant for John Rogers

The North Little Rock businessman is in contempt of court for failing to respond to discovery requests in a civil case brought by First Arkansas Bank & Trust of Jacksonville. read more >
John Rogers
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First Arkansas Bank Wins $14.5M Default Judgment Against John Rogers

First Arkansas Bank & Trust of Jacksonville landed a $14.5 million default judgment against sports memorabilia and photo mogul John Rogers. read more >