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Consumer Certainty and Voter Veracity (Craig Douglass On Consumers)

Made plans for London yet? The cost of staying, eating and buying goods and services there is now cheaper due to the weaker British pound and stronger U.S. dollar. All because the United Kingdom — comprising England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland — voted to leave the European Union. read more >
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Talk Amongst Yourselves (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

I love Arkansas Business readers. I’m approaching my 17th anniversary as editor of this publication, and I’m pretty good at intuiting what stories will interest you, but I’m still pleasantly surprised by your responses. You are such a delightfully unpredictable group — and certainly not the bastion of groupthink that the uninitiated might assume. read more >
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When Voting Matters: Always (Editorial)

The internet provides unparalleled opportunities to educate, but not every source is equally credible, and people must learn to distinguish those that are; they must learn to use the power of the internet for good. read more >