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Brian Brooks

Health Care / Legal

Former HD Nursing Responds to Allegations, Details Lawsuit Against the Company

The former president of HD Nursing says the company’s recent lawsuit against him was in response to the federal lawsuit he filed against it in June. read more >
Health Care / Legal

HD Nursing LLC of Benton Sues Ex-President

A Benton patient safety consulting company is hauling its former president into court to stop him from representing himself in connection with the com read more >
M.S. Wholesale Plumbing Inc. in Russellville, the lead plaintiff in lawsuits involving unwanted faxes.
Banking & Finance / Insurance / Legal / Manufacturing

Bankers Decry $22.4M Award in Fax Case

A $22.4 million judgment against Wells Fargo Bank tied to a case over unwanted faxes wasn’t based in reality, according to bankers’ associations. read more >
M. S. Wholesale Plumbing of Russellville, top right, received a $12.5 million judgment against Eugene Kalsky, left, and his New Jersey pipe and steel company.
Business Services / Manufacturing

Single Fax to Russellville Leads to $12.5M Judgment on New Jersey Pipe CompanyLock Icon

Eugene Kalsky and his pipe business was hit with a $12.5 million judgment obtained through Pope County Circuit Court, the result of a class-action lawsuit filed over Kalsky’s failure to include a specific opt-out notice on fax advertisements. read more >
Attorney David Couch of Little Rock said the number of lawsuits forced into arbitration is on the rise. | (Photo of Couch by Jason Burt; Fayetteville Health and Rehab Center courtesy Google Street View)
Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance / Legal

Contract Clauses Keeping Cases Out of Court Loved by Companies, Not by Customers

More companies are eagerly adding language to contracts and terms of agreements that require any disputes that arise to be handled in arbitration. Once there, the complaint is decided by an arbitrator rather than in the courts with a judge or jury deciding the case, a procedure that one proponent described as “simpler, fairer, faster.” read more >
Kirk Johnson
Business Services / Government & Politics / Insurance / Legal

Court Called Judicial Hellhole; Defenders Blast Complaints

Defense attorneys involved in class-action cases in Miller County Circuit Court have called it a “judicial hellhole,” while defenders insist that the complaints are only designed to keep plaintiffs from receiving the evidence they have a right to inspect. read more >