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Brian Miller

Energy / Legal

Federal Ruling Favors PSC Over Entergy Arkansas

The electric utility was seeking to charge ratepayers to help recoup a $135 million debt. read more >
Summit Utilities CEO Kurt Adams says Arkansas is ‘the most important place’ for his company.
Energy / Legal

In Billing Suit, Judges Bar Summit From Cutting Off Gas

The restraining order also prevents Summit from assessing late fees on customers. read more >
Education / Government & Politics / Legal / Media & Marketing

Nobody’s Boycotting Israel, but Just in Case…

Arkansas Times Publisher Alan Leveritt is challenging a state ultimatum to either sign a pledge agreeing not to boycott Israel or pay a price in state contracts. read more >
Health Care / Insurance / Legal

Jefferson County On the Hook for $20K After Not Answering ComplaintLock Icon

Earlier this month, former county employee John Powell was awarded $16,120 for lost wages and $4,030 for pain and suffering in his suit against Jefferson County and former County Judges Henry “Hank” Wilkins IV and Booker Clemons. read more >
Michael Nellums
Education / Legal

Pine Bluff Principal Sues North Little Rock School DistrictLock Icon

Michael Nellums, the principal of Pine Bluff High School, has sued the North Little Rock School District alleging he wasn’t hired by the district because he’s black. read more >

Attorneys’ Fees Slashed in Pine Bluff School District CaseLock Icon

Last week, a U.S. district judge slashed a $368,321 request down to $100,000 for attorneys seeking the money for work they did representing a teacher in a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Pine Bluff School District. read more >
Government & Politics / Legal

Benton PD, Rocko Likely to Share Portion of Confiscated CashLock Icon

Since no one stepped forward to claim the $726,340 that was found in a 2016 Toyota Tacoma in July, the federal government gets the cash. read more >
Scott Pace is the CEO of the Arkansas Pharmacists Association.
Government & Politics / Health Care / Legal / Retail

Different Drug War Rages Over Savings, Prescription Costs

Pharmacy benefit managers, the entities that process payments between drugstores and health benefit plans, are continuing their fight against an Arkansas law that they say will raise the cost of prescription medicine. read more >
Richard Johns
Health Care / Legal

Lonoke County ‘Pill Mill’ Case Set for March

The charges against Richard Johns, the suspended Little Rock physician charged with running a “pill mill” of fraudulent painkiller prescriptions, will not be dismissed and his claim that evidence was collected illegally was rejected. read more >
Dr. Richard Johns of Practice Management Services Inc. of Little Rock.
Health Care / Insurance / Legal

Trial Reset, Richard Johns Still Due in Court Monday

Richard Johns, the Little Rock physician charged with running a “pill mill” of fraudulent painkiller prescriptions, is scheduled to be in court Monday, but it won’t be for the start of his trial. read more >
Richard Johns
Health Care / Legal

Richard Johns Defense Asks Judge to Dismiss Indictment in Painkiller Case

Defense attorneys have asked a judge to dismiss the indictment accusing Little Rock physician Richard Johns of illegally distributing oxycodone, including the overdose that killed a young Cabot man. read more >
Burt Hanna of Hanna’s Candle Co.
Banking & Finance / Legal / Manufacturing / Retail / Small Business

Hanna’s Candle Gets Burned in Court Judgment

Last week, Bank of America received a final judgment totaling $6.2 million against Hanna’s Candle Co. of Fayetteville, its owner, Burt Hanna, and two of his limited liability companies. read more >
Education / Government & Politics / Legal

John Goodson: No Role Model (Editorial)

Judges and lawyers who pervert the judicial system for their enrichment undermine the public’s faith in that system. They should not be board members of the state’s university system. read more >
Alberto Solaroli
Banking & Finance / Legal

‘When You Steal $1.5 Million …’ (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

For the second straight week, I’m going to write about listening to the Chief U.S. District Judge deliver a well-reasoned message on fair play. read more >
Alberto Solaroli
Banking & Finance / Legal

Albert Solaroli Restitution in One Bank Case Fails to Appear

A $120,000 restitution payment from Alberto Solaroli as part of his plea deal still hadn’t been paid by Wednesday, and First Assistant U.S. Attorney Pat Harris was not amused. read more >
Randeep Mann
Health Care / Legal

Randeep Mann Lawsuit Against Dallas County Thrown Out

It didn’t take long for Randeep Mann, the disgraced former doctor who is serving life in federal prison, to have his lawsuit against the Dallas County jail in Fordyce thrown out. read more >
Banking & Finance / Legal

The Art of the Plea Deal (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

While the sentence was up to Judge Holmes, defense lawyer W.H. Taylor of Fayetteville negotiated a deal in which Dennis Smiley Jr. pleaded guilty to only a single count of bank fraud — but he had to accept responsibility and restitution for more than 20 bank victims and their combined losses of nearly $5 million. read more >
As the third anniversary of Layton "Scooter" Stuart's departure from One Bank & Trust approaches, the bank continues to untangle itself from legal quandaries.
Banking & Finance / Insurance / Investments / Legal / Real Estate

Countdown Ticks: Cash Or Court for One Bank & Trust?

The third anniversary of the regulator-mandated regime change at Little Rock’s One Bank & Trust is approaching. The national bank has endured a tumultuous ride since Layton “Scooter” Stuart was removed as chairman, president and CEO on Sept. 28, 2012. read more >
Energy / Legal

Osceola Loses Bid to Recoup $4.9M From Entergy

A U.S. District Court judge tosses out a lawsuit by the city of Osceola, which attempted to recover $4.9 million from Entergy Arkansas Inc. read more >
Education / Government & Politics / Legal

Judge OKs Deal Ending Arkansas Desegregation Aid

Arkansas can stop making payments in one of the nation's most historic desegregation efforts, a judge has ruled, but he cautioned work remains to ensure students in the Little Rock area receive a proper education. read more >