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Brian Reddick

Agriculture & Poultry / Real Estate / Tourism

Duo of Lodge Deals Keep Ducks In Row in Delta

Transactions involving two notable duck hunting properties in western Arkansas County, Little Siberia and Wild Wings, combined reportedly were worth over $13 million. read more >
Fort Smith nursing home magnate Michael Morton said he tells people he’s in business to provide quality care for the elderly.
Construction / Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance / Legal / Real Estate

Nursing Home King Michael Morton Expanding His Empire

Even though Michael Morton has been hit by shrapnel from former Faulkner County Circuit Judge Michael Maggio’s bribery scandal, the Fort Smith nursing home magnate is pushing forward with plans to expand his empire. read more >
Health Care / Insurance / Legal

Bayer Healthcare Whistleblower Still Fighting To Regain Job

A Little Rock man who sued a pharmaceutical company for firing him in 2010 after reporting a health care fraud continues to fight to get his old job back. read more >
Source: Arkansas Department of Human Services
Health Care / Insurance / Legal

Wilkes & McHugh Law Firm’s Departure Highlights Fall in Nursing Home Lawsuits

The departure of Wilkes & McHugh, known for winning historic, multimillion-dollar verdicts against nursing homes, illustrates the changing economics of nursing home litigation in Arkansas. read more >