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Broadband Development Group LLC

A technician installs fiber optic cables. Little River County, Arkansas has received a $2 million federal grant to build fiber optic cable lines to support broadband infrastructure. 

No Comments on Broadband’s Grant Formula

No comments were made at a public hearing last week on a funding formula for broadband grants. read more >
Construction / Government & Politics

State’s Broadband Focus Should Be 110,000 Homes in Grant Gap, Study Says

The households lack access to broadband with speeds adequate for learning and working. read more >
Government & Politics / Media & Marketing

When Low Bids & High Scores Lose (Lance Turner Editor’s Note)

The lowest scoring but most expensive company bidding to devise a statewide broadband deployment strategy was selected in a process one competitor thinks was tailor-made for the politically connected vendor. read more >
Jim Koetting, founder and CEO of PFITR
Business Services / Government & Politics / Investments

Startup PFITR Offers A ‘Blue Book’ in Bond Deals

PFITR has moved into the Little Rock Technology Park and hopes locals will invest in its one-of-a-kind online tool. read more >
Small Business

Dallas Building Gets BDG’s Hyperleap Internet Service

Broadband Development Group expands its HyperLeap internet service outside central Arkansas, to the recently opening McKinney & Olive Building in uptown Dallas. read more >
Construction / Real Estate

Little Rock Tech Park Board Votes to End Lease at Markham Street

The Little Rock Technology Park Authority Board voted Wednesday to pay a $38,100 fee to terminate its lease and move out of its temporary space at 107 E. Markham St. by Feb. 28. read more >
Lou McAlister
Media & Marketing

Group Aims for 1-Gig Service in Little Rock

In the race to bring higher Internet speeds to the capital city, one group is planning to soon unveil 1-gigabit service in downtown Little Rock, possibly as early as this week. read more >