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Bryan Jones

Bryan Jones of Stone Ward
Media & Marketing

Digital Strategy Leader Bryan Jones Clicks with Stone Ward

Bryan Jones was settled in self-employed awesomeness after more than a decade at Little Rock advertising agencies CJRW and Eric Rob & Isaac. Then Stone Ward gave him the summons he wanted. read more >
Wayne Woods
Business Services / Media & Marketing / Small Business / Tourism

CJRW Takes On Changes in Marketing Industry

CJRW has been roiled by staff defections recently, departures that have left the state’s largest ad agency increasingly dependent on its big clients, the biggest being the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism worth $8.4 million this year. read more >
From top: Jordan Johnson, Rebecca Tennille
Media & Marketing

Jordan Johnson, Rebecca Tennille Among Four Leaving Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods

You may have heard that Jordan Johnson and Rebecca Tennille recently had left Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods. The pair had represented a big account at CJRW: the Clinton Foundation and Library. read more >