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Bryan King

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Arkansas Tightens Grip on Bitcoin Mining

Arkansas bitcoin mining operations appear to be headed for more regulation. read more >
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Bitcoin Mining Outcry Comes to a Crescendo

Concerned citizens in DeWitt are fighting plans for more bitcoin mining, and state Sen. Bryan King, R-Green Forest, and Arkansas Rice Growers Association Chair Kenneth Graves have joined their cause. read more >
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Good Things Take Time (Editorial)

Rushed legislation, such as Act 851 regarding crypto mining, rarely benefits anyone. read more >
Government & Politics / Legal

Lawsuit Filed Over New Arkansas Law on Initiative Signatures

Republican state Sen. Bryan King and the League of Women Voters of Arkansas file a lawsuit challenging a new Arkansas measure that makes it harder to get initiatives on the ballot. read more >
Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed into the law the LEARNS act on Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at the Arkansas State Capitol.
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Governor Signs School Voucher Plan

The new law also raises minimum teacher salaries and puts new restrictions on classroom instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity. read more >
Jim Parsons, a former Ecclesia instructor and board member, sought to open Ecclesia financial records to full public inspection since the private school accepted state money.
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Ecclesia Fallout Includes Taxpayer LawsuitLock Icon

Three years after its president resigned on his way to federal prison after participating in a state grant kickback scheme, Ecclesia College continues to deal with the repercussions. read more >
Alan Clark
Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance

Arkansas Senate OKs Bill to Keep Medicaid Expansion

An effort to continue Arkansas' Medicaid expansion another year has cleared a major hurdle in the state Legislature, a day after the Trump administration said the state could impose a work requirement on the program. read more >
Bryan King
Government & Politics

AEDC’s Preston Defends Governor’s ‘Quick Action’ Fund

The executive director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission on Tuesday defended certain incentives his agency offers to companies that are building, moving to or expanding in Arkansas. read more >
House Speaker Jeremy Gillam and Senate Majority Leader Jim Hendren speaking at a forum held by the Arkansas Associated Press Managing Editors.
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Vacancies Add to Medicaid Plan’s Uncertain Future (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

Vacant seats in the Legislature, a lack of answers on proposals to impose new restrictions and uncertainty about the future of the federal health care law could put Arkansas' hybrid Medicaid expansion back in a precarious position. read more >
Bryan King
Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance

Arkansas Senate OKs Bill Keeping Hybrid Medicaid Expansion

The Arkansas Senate approves keeping the state's hybrid Medicaid expansion another year after Republican efforts to repeal and replace the federal health law that created the program failed in Congress. read more >
Government & Politics

House Panel Approves Plan to Reinstate Arkansas Voter ID

A House panel sought Wednesday to reinstate Arkansas' voter ID law, and expanded Republican majorities in the Legislature could help it survive yet another court challenge like the one that struck down a nearly identical plan more than two years ago. read more >
Senate President Jonathan Dismang (pictured) and House Speaker Jeremy Gillam said Gov. Asa Hutchinson should limit the special session agenda to his plan to keep and rework the state's hybrid Medicaid expansion.
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Arkansas Lawmakers Head Toward Standoff on Medicaid Plan

Arkansas lawmakers barreled toward a budget standoff over the state's hybrid Medicaid expansion as they began their legislative session Wednesday, with opponents showing little sign of retreating from their push to defund the program read more >
Bryan King
Government & Politics

Proposal Would Reinstate Arkansas’ Voter ID Requirement

An Arkansas lawmaker wants to ask voters next year to reinstate a voter ID requirement that the state Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional. read more >
Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance

Special Election Bodes Ill for Arkansas’ ‘Private Option’

A Republican takeover of a northeast Arkansas state Senate seat dims the prospects for continuing the state's compromise Medicaid expansion plan and could be a troubling early sign for Democrats who had hoped to rebound from recent losses at the polls. read more >
Republican Sen. Bryan King of Green Forest.
Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance

Arkansas Tries to Find Balance on Health Law (AP Analysis)

If anyone was unsure just how difficult of a balance Arkansas faces in trying to implement the federal health care overhaul, the rollout over the past week made it clear. After two elections and two legislative sessions that have been overshadowed by the 2010 law, the state is facing an identity crisis on how to move forward with it. read more >
Government & Politics

Mike Beebe Vetoes 3 Election Reform Bills

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe has vetoed three bills aimed at overhauling the state's election commission, including one that would create a "voter integrity unit" to investigate fraud complaints. read more >
Government & Politics

Arkansas Senate to Take Up Override of Voter ID Veto

The Arkansas Senate is expected to attempt to override Gov. Mike Beebe's veto of a bill that would require voters to show photo identification before casting a ballot. It takes a simple majority in the House and Senate to override a governor's veto. If the Senate does so, the House is expected to vote on its own override on Thursday. read more >
The Arkansas Capitol building in Little Rock.
Government & Politics

Arkansas Legislature Approves Voter ID Requirement

Arkansas lawmakers gave final approval Tuesday to legislation that would require voters to show photo ID before casting a ballot. read more >
Government & Politics

House Advances Arkansas Voter ID Legislation

The Arkansas House has passed a bill that would require state voters to present photo identification before casting a ballot. read more >
Sue Scott
Government & Politics

Legislative Roundup: Guns Become Automatic Issue With General Assembly

The 89th General Assembly has yet to finish writing its chapter in the big book of Arkansas state legislatures. But if Chapter 89 were printed this week, then surely “guns” would be in the title. Legislation devoted to guns dominated the action again last week. read more >