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Carla McCord

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Lawsuits Allege Fraud in Arkansas Cannabis LicensingLock Icon

Prominent Arkansans have accused their attorney friends of setting them up as figurehead owners of medical marijuana dispensaries, sticking them with massive tax bills and casting new doubts on the integrity of the state’s cannabis licensing system. read more >
Danielle Buntyon, co-owner of Mink & Kimball, a medical cannabis processor located in Marion.
Agriculture & Poultry / Health Care / Retail

The Owners Behind Arkansas’ Medical Marijuana Processing CompaniesLock Icon

A little background on the owners of the state’s five licensed medical marijuana processing companies. read more >
Danielle Buntyon, principal owner of Mink & Kimball, a medical cannabis processor in Marion.
Agriculture & Poultry / Health Care / Retail

Female-Owned Processors Find New Cannabis NicheLock Icon

Five relatively new businesses in Arkansas’ medicinal cannabis industry are now processing state-grown marijuana into a wide range of products, often by hand, and often by the hands of women. read more >
Robert Lercher, who couldn’t touch the plants without gloves, mimics peeling “sucker leaves” from immature plants
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Arkansas Pot Firms Feud, Pass Around The BlameLock Icon

The state’s largest medical marijuana merchant says Arkansas cultivators have blackballed his business, and he’s planning to sue, alleging they cut off sales after he lobbied for the state to license more growers. read more >
Storm Nolan, owner of River Valley Relief Cultivation, has a license to grow medical marijuana in a 25,000-SF section of warehouse in Fort Smith.  Only a lawsuit stands in his way.
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Room to Grow: State Adds New Cannabis Growers

The Arkansas medical marijuana system has cleared three new growers, but the existing five cultivators are suing. read more >
Agriculture & Poultry / Health Care / Retail

Cannabis Supply Problem, Real or Not, Roils Industry as State Adds Licenses

As Arkansas’ medical marijuana industry blossoms, cultivators are pushing back against a narrative that short wholesale supplies have kept prices too high for some patients to buy. read more >
Agriculture & Poultry / Health Care / Legal / Manufacturing

New Age Hemp Ready for Growing CBD IndustryLock Icon

While the debut of medical marijuana sales in Arkansas has been grabbing the headlines, a separate cannabis-related industry has been taking root in the state, quite literally. read more >