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An Updated Look at Medical Marijuana Ownership in Arkansas

In conjunction with this week’s feature on the controversial history of medical marijuana business licensing in Arkansas, Arkansas Business sought out an update on the precise ownership of the state’s eight cannabis cultivation licensees. read more >
David Couch, author of Arkansas’ medical marijuana amendment.
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Cannabis Licensing at Issue as Adult-Use Vote Looms

As Arkansans face a possible November vote on legalizing recreational marijuana, the state Supreme Court has cast heavy legal shade over the system that handed out those licenses in the first place. read more >
The Arkansas Supreme Court building in Little Rock.
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Justices Deliver a Scolding to Cannabis Commission

The state Supreme Court's dissent cites past shortcomings the commission has exhibited. read more >
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Medical Marijuana Litigation Grows Like WeedsLock Icon

A Pulaski County circuit judge took a whiff of a medical marijuana licensing dispute last month and promptly passed it on. read more >