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Carroll County

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Arkansas Poultry Farmers Navigate End of Contracts, Bankruptcy FalloutLock Icon

Some northwest Arkansas farmers are scrambling in the wake of news from poultry companies like Tyson Foods Inc. of Springdale and Cooks Venture of Decatur (Benton County). read more >
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Uncertain Future for Poultry Farmers as Tyson Foods Ends ContractsLock Icon

The cuts left 59 farmers left with unrenewed contracts with Tyson Foods Inc. after it announced multiple plant closures this year. read more >
The Arkansas Supreme Court building in Little Rock.
Agriculture & Poultry / Government & Politics / Legal

Justices Deliver a Scolding to Cannabis Commission

The state Supreme Court's dissent cites past shortcomings the commission has exhibited. read more >
Ted Clouser is the executive vice president of PC Assistance Inc. of Little Rock. His company works with organizations targeted by ransomware, programs that invade systems and encrypt files, allowing cyber criminals to demand a ransom for the locked data.
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Online Ransom Demands Threaten Businesses in Arkansas

Computer crimes using “ransomware,” malware that encrypts files then demands payment to unlock them, are growing in number and sophistication and are increasingly being seen in Arkansas. read more >
Government & Politics

Special Election to Fill Vacant Arkansas State Senate Seat

Voters in Newton and Pope counties and parts of Boone, Carroll and Van Buren counties go to the polls Tuesday in the District 16 race. The seat is open because of the resignation of former Sen. Michael Lamoreux after he was named chief of staff for Gov.-elect Asa Hutchinson. read more >