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C&H Hog Farms

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A Breath of Fresh Air (Editorial)

An eternal battle over hog waste and the Buffalo does no one any good, and the long-term cost could easily be more than the $6.2 million price of settling the dispute. read more >
A couple floats down the Buffalo River.
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Governor: C&H Hog Farm Will End Its Operation in Buffalo River Watershed

Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced Thursday that the state reached an agreement with C&H Hog Farms Inc. to end its operation in the Buffalo River watershed. read more >
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Hog Farm Bill Poised for Passage at Arkansas Legislature

The Arkansas House and Senate approved identical bills Wednesday that would make it harder to perpetuate complaints against farms that need permits to retain then dispose of liquid animal waste. read more >
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Environmentalist Calls for Strict Oversight of Hog Farm Near Buffalo River

Environmentalists must be vocal in their opposition to a hog farm near the Buffalo National River watershed because it's not only a potential threat to the pristine waterway but also the economy of the region, the chairman of the Pulaski County Ozark Society said Friday. read more >