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Business Services / Health Care / Technology

Will AI Replace Doctors Who Read X-Rays, or Just Make Them Better Than Ever?

For doctors who review scans to spot cancer and other diseases, however, AI has loomed for about a decade as more algorithms promise to improve accuracy, speed up work and, in some cases, take over entire parts of the job. read more >
Government & Politics

AI Companies Will Need to Start Reporting Their Safety Tests to the US Government

Ben Buchanan, the White House special adviser on AI, said in an interview that the government wants "to know AI systems are safe before they’re released to the public — the president has been very clear that companies need to meet that bar.” read more >

AI Pioneer Says Public Discourse on Intelligent Machines Must Give ‘Proper Respect to Human Agency’

Not all computer scientists thought Fei-Fei Li was on the right track when she came up with the idea for a giant visual database called ImageNet that took years to build. read more >
Legal / Media & Marketing / Public Companies

The New York Times Sues OpenAI, Microsoft Over The Use of Its Stories to Train Chatbots

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Times has filed a federal lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft seeking to end the practice of using its stories to train chatbots, saying that […] read more >
Media & Marketing

AI Offers Businesses Potential and Pitfalls

While AI serves as a useful tool for businesses and marketers, many are wary about the risks—misinformation, fraud or cybersecurity. read more >
Business Services / Education / Small Business

UA Little Rock Offers Professional Workshop on AI-Powered Marketing

The workshop will be offered in October as part of UA Little Rock Extended Education’s professional development series. read more >

Shop Talk, 2023 (Lance Turner Editor’s Note)

Artificial intelligence and how it will change everything was the talk of town last week in the Motor City. read more >

Lawyers Blame ChatGPT for Tricking Them Into Citing Bogus Case Law

The attorneys are facing possible punishment over a filing in a lawsuit that included references to past court cases that they thought were real, but were actually invented by the AI-powered chatbot. read more >

ChatGPT at Work: Protecting Your Business (Devin R. Bates Commentary)

Employers can ensure that AI tools are used appropriately by developing clear policies and training. read more >
Government & Politics

ChatGPT’s Chief Testifies Before Congress as Concerns Grow About AI Risks

What started out as a panic among educators about ChatGPT's use to cheat on homework assignments has expanded to broader concerns about the ability of the latest crop of "generative AI" tools to mislead people, spread falsehoods, violate copyright protections and upend some jobs. read more >
Government & Politics / Legal / Public Companies

Congress Eyes New Rules for Tech: What’s Under Consideration

Tech regulation is gathering momentum on Capitol Hill as concerns skyrocket about China's ownership of TikTok and as parents navigating a post-pandemic mental health crisis have grown increasingly worried about what their children are seeing online. read more >
A panel discussion featuring Conny Braams of Unilever, Jeremi Gorman of Netflix, Michael E. Kassan of MediaLink, and Tim Mapes of Delta Airlines at South by Southwest 2023.
Banking & Finance / Media & Marketing

South by Southwest is Different With a Baby (Elizabeth Michael Commentary)

Notably absent from this year's festival in Austin were many of the larger social media companies, which usually speak on panels and host brand activations. read more >
Inuvo CEO Richard Howe
Media & Marketing / Public Companies

Inuvo Reports Wider Losses in Q4, Touts AI Advancements

CEO Richard Howe said major improvements to the marketing tech firm's IntentKey platform, which he compared to ChatGPT, are coming soon. read more >

Amid ChatGPT Outcry, Some Teachers are Inviting AI to Class

The topic of AI platforms and how schools should respond drew hundreds of educators to conference rooms at the Future of Education Technology Conference in New Orleans. read more >
A Mattel display at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas
Media & Marketing / Public Companies / Retail

From Marketing to Design, Brands Adopt AI Tools Despite Risk

While text generators like ChatGPT and Microsoft's Bing chatbot can make the process of writing emails, presentations and marketing pitches faster and easier, they also have a tendency to confidently present misinformation as fact. read more >

AI Search Engines Can Now Chat With Us, but Glitches Abound

The spark rushing them to market was the popularity of ChatGPT, launched late last year by Microsoft's partner OpenAI and now helping to power a new version of the Bing search engine. read more >
Business Services / Media & Marketing / Public Companies

The AI Revolution (Lance Turner Editor’s Note)

Automation and artificial intelligence like ChatGPT are poised to upend the world as we know it. read more >
Google headquarters in Mountain View, California

Google Hopes ‘Bard’ Will Outsmart ChatGPT, Microsoft in AI

Google's chatbot is supposed to be able to explain complex subjects such as outer space discoveries in terms simple enough for a child to understand. read more >
Education / Manufacturing / Media & Marketing

Cheaters Beware: ChatGPT Maker Releases AI Detection Tool

The longer a passage of text, the better the tool is at detecting if an AI or human wrote something. read more >