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Biden Vows to Block Japanese Acquisition of US Steel

“American-owned, American-operated by American union steelworkers — the best in the world — and that’s going to happen, I promise you,” he said. read more >
U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen at a meeting of Eurogroup Finance Ministers in Brussels, Belgium, in July 2021.
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US Will Push China to Change Policy That Threatens American Jobs, Yellen Says

The U.S. and Europe fear that manufacturing overcapacity in China will flood domestic markets with low-priced goods and overwhelm factories at home. read more >
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Recession Risks are Fading, Business Economists Say, but Political Tensions Pose Threat to Economy

A growing share of business forecasters worry that the Fed is keeping rates unnecessarily high. read more >
Starbucks China

US Companies are Picky About Investing in China. The Exceptions? Burgers and Lattes

American fast-food chains have decided a market of 1.4 billion people is simply too delicious to pass up. read more >
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House Panel Urges Tougher Trade Rules for China, Raising Chance of More Tariffs

WASHINGTON (AP) — A special House committee focused on China is calling for altering the way the U.S. treats Chinese-made goods, possibly subjecting them to higher tariffs even if its […] read more >
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State Reviews 2 Companies’ Possible Ties to China

Arkansas Department of Agriculture Secretary Wes Ward has asked Attorney General Tim Griffin to investigate two companies’ possible ties to the Chinese government under a new state law that bans […] read more >
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French Hill: US Should Take ‘Targeted’ Approach to Oversight of Outbound Investments

Republican U.S. Rep. French Hill of Arkansas is not opposed to passing legislation that would prevent American companies from investing in Chinese enterprises that develop specific types of technologies that […] read more >
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Bitcoin Mining Outcry Comes to a Crescendo

Concerned citizens in DeWitt are fighting plans for more bitcoin mining, and state Sen. Bryan King, R-Green Forest, and Arkansas Rice Growers Association Chair Kenneth Graves have joined their cause. read more >
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AG Tim Griffin Orders China-Owned Company to Divest Arkansas Farmland

About 160 acres of land in northeast Arkansas is owned by Northup King Seed Co., whose ownership can be traced to a Chinese state-owned enterprise, Griffin said. read more >
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Report: Tyson Looking to Sell Its Poultry Business in China

The report by Reuters, which cites three unnamed sources with knowledge of the matter, said that Tyson has hired Goldman Sachs to advise on the sale. read more >
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Congress Eyes New Rules for Tech: What’s Under Consideration

Tech regulation is gathering momentum on Capitol Hill as concerns skyrocket about China's ownership of TikTok and as parents navigating a post-pandemic mental health crisis have grown increasingly worried about what their children are seeing online. read more >
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House Votes to Restore Solar Panel Tariffs Paused by Biden

The 221-202 vote sends the measure to the Senate, where lawmakers from both parties have expressed similar concerns about what many call unfair competition from China. read more >
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Report: Chinese State-Sponsored Hacking Group Highly Active

The group is focusing on a broad range of targets that may be of strategic interest to China's government and security services. read more >
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Decision to Shoot Down Balloons Puts Spotlight on Hobbyists

They insist their balloons fly too high and are too small to pose a threat to aircraft and that government officials are overreacting. read more >
Farmland in Montana
Agriculture & Poultry / Government & Politics / Real Estate

States Weigh Limits on Foreign Farm Ownership After Chinese Balloon

U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, a Democrat, is sponsoring legislation to include agriculture as a factor in national security decisions allowing foreign real estate investments. read more >
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IMF Upgrades Outlook for the Global Economy in 2023

It now expects the world economy to grow 2.9% this year. That forecast is better than the 2.7% expansion for 2023 that the IMF predicted in October. read more >

Report: World’s Coal Use Reached New High in 2022

Coal use grew by only 1.2% in 2022, but the increase pushed it to all all-time high of more than 8 billion metric tons, beating the previous record set in 2013. read more >
Residents undergo COVID-19 testing in north China's Shaanxi Province in December 2021
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Lack of Info on China’s COVID-19 Surge Stirs Global Concern

The U.S., Japan, India, South Korea, Taiwan and Italy have announced testing requirements for passengers from China. read more >
Residents undergo COVID-19 testing in north China's Shaanxi Province in December 2021

China Eases Anti-COVID Measures Following Protests

The move adds to earlier easing that fueled hopes Beijing was scrapping its "zero COVID" strategy, which is disrupting manufacturing and global trade. read more >
Federal Reserve Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C.
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Fed’s Brainard Warns US Rates to Stay High, Notes Global Impact

Nine central banks accounting for half the global economy have lifted their key interest rate by 1.25 percentage points in the past six months. read more >