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Corey Little

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Arkansas Hospitals Keep Buying Physician Clinics

When hospitals buy physician clinics, the results are mixed. But the trend, which is as evident in Arkansas as it is nationally, shows no signs of going away. read more >
Corey Little, president of Arkansas Mutual Insurance, foresees a day when malpractice insurance follows the patient.
Health Care / Insurance

New Holding Company Prepares Arkansas Mutual for Expansion

A.M. Best Co.’s succinct announcement that Arkansas Mutual Insurance Co. had achieved an A rating was the culmination of two years of work by the Arkansas-only medical malpractice carrier to get ahead of a changing market. read more >
Tom Robinson of Arkansas Mutual Insurance Co. said out-of-state medical liability carriers “cost me, and every other doctor in the state of Arkansas a lot of money.”

Mutual Pushes For Tort Reform

As Arkansas Mutual Insurance Co. of Little Rock gains traction, one of its founders' goals is to gain a legislative voice and push for reform of tort laws. read more >