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Cosmopolitan Life Insurance Co.


The Wheels of Justice (Editorial)

Justice delayed, it has been correctly noted, is justice denied. That ancient maxim came to mind last week when Little Rock businessman Matt Lile was, at very long last, sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison. read more >
John Mathis "Matt" Lile
Insurance / Legal

Matt Lile Gets 1 Year in Prison for Embezzlement

John Mathis "Matt" Lile of Little Rock was sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison for embezzling more than $100,000 from the insurance company where he was president. read more >
1525 Merrill Drive
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Matt Lile Wipes Hands of Dry Cleaners

One of the legal issues surrounding John Mathis “Matt” Lile III, former Little Rock chef and president of the defunct Cosmopolitan Life Insurance Co., has been resolved. read more >
John Mathis "Matt" Lile
Insurance / Legal

J. Matt Lile Sues Insurance Companies For Denying Claims

J. Matt Lile III, who is facing two federal counts of embezzlement in connection with his time as president of Cosmopolitan Life Insurance Co. of Little Rock, has sued his insurance carriers for denying claims to represent him in lawsuits. read more >
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Lulav Restaurant Under New Ownership

The Little Rock restaurant Lulav, which in February rechristened itself as the Italian Kitchen at Lulav, apparently also has a new owner, Burch Wilson of Little Rock. read more >