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US Sues West Memphis School District for Denying COVID Accommodations to Asthmatic Teacher

When the district returned to in-person instruction in August 2020, it allegedly told the teacher that she couldn't work remotely. read more >
Government & Politics / Health Care

A New Kind of Hospital is Coming to Rural America. To Qualify, Facilities Must Close Their Beds

The government, which classifies hospitals by type, rolled out the rural emergency option in January 2023. Only 19 hospitals across the U.S. received rural emergency hospital status last year. read more >
Restaurants & Food / Small Business

US Leisure & Hospitality Employment Near Pre-Pandemic High

The number of employees in the leisure and hospitality sectors in the United States stood at 16.8 million in January, just short of the pre-pandemic high of 16.9 million in […] read more >
Banking & Finance / Investments / Nonprofits / Small Business

Report: Wealth Disparities by Race Grew During The Pandemic, Despite Income Gains

According to a report from the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the real net worth of white individuals has outgrown that of Black and Hispanic individuals by 30 percentage points and 9 percentage points, respectively. read more >
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Government & Politics / Health Care / Small Business

A COVID-Era Program is Awash in Fraud. Congress Aims to Wind it Down and Expand the Child Tax Credit

Lawmakers emphasize that cutting down on the fraudulent claims should also help the IRS more quickly resolve the legitimate claims that businesses have filed and are still awaiting resolution. read more >
Real Estate / Small Business

Small Biz Owners Scale Back Their Office Space or Go Remote Altogether

While the real estate decisions of big companies get much of the attention, small business owners are also reassessing what they need in terms of an office. read more >
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Immigration Fuels Uptick in US Population Growth

A decline in the number of deaths since the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic also contributed to the U.S. growth rate. read more >
Health Care / Insurance / Legal

Ruling Favors Surgery Centers in Reimbursement Fight With Arkansas Blue Cross

More: A deeper look at what led to the lawsuit is available here.  A Pulaski County Circuit Court judge Thursday ruled mostly in favor of two Little Rock surgery centers […] read more >
Health Care / Insurance

Baptist Health Could Be Out of Insurer’s Network If Rate Impasse Continues

The state's largest health provider is the latest to battle UnitedHealthcare over reimbursement rates, which it says are among the lowest in the nation. read more >
Banking & Finance / Business Services / Real Estate / Small Business

New Incentives Could Boost Satisfaction With In-Person Work, but Few Employers are Making Changes

About 3 in 4 human resources representatives say that retaining employees who don't want to work in the office is a problem — including 19% who call it a "major problem." read more >
Government & Politics / Manufacturing / Small Business / Transportation

Biden Will Convene New Supply Chain Council, Announce 30 Steps to Strengthen US Logistics

Among the 30 new actions, Biden, a Democrat, will use the Defense Production Act to have the Health and Human Services Department invest in the domestic manufacturing of needed medicines that are deemed crucial for national security. read more >
Restaurants & Food / Small Business

Damgoode Pies Closing Last Little Rock Location

Founder Jeff Trine said the pizza chain took on "enormous debt" to survive after the COVID-19 pandemic. read more >
Legal / Small Business

2 Arkansans Charged With Defrauding COVID Loan Programs

Authorities said they knowingly submitted applications that contained false information on revenue, monthly payroll and number of employees. read more >
Banking & Finance

IMF Outlook Worsens for a ‘Limping’ World Economy

The IMF said it expects global economic growth to slow to 2.9% in 2024 from an expected 3% this year. The forecast for next year is down a notch from the 3% it predicted back in July. read more >
Health Care / Small Business

Pharmacist Shortages and Heavy Workloads Challenge Drugstores Heading Into Busy Season

A dose of patience may come in handy at the pharmacy counter this fall. read more >
Government & Politics / Legal

Arkansas Jail Inmates Settle Lawsuit With Doctor Who Prescribed Them Ivermectin for COVID-19

The inmates said they were never told ivermectin was among the medications they had been given to treat their COVID-19 infections, and instead were told they were being given vitamins, antibiotics or steroids. read more >
Health Care

US Adds Another Option for Fall COVID Vaccination With Updated Novavax Shots

Updated vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna began rolling out last month, intended for adults and children as young as age 6 months. read more >
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Bentonville Man Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Pandemic Loan Programs

Tyler Keith Penix, 37, fraudulently obtained a total of $16.5 million in federal stimulus funds for himself and more than a dozen other purported business owners. read more >
Banking & Finance / Business Services / Government & Politics / Legal / Small Business

IRS Freezes Pandemic-Era Tax Credit Due to Influx of Fraudulent Claims

The Employee Retention Credit was designed help small businesses keep paying their employees during the height of the pandemic if they were fully or partly suspended from operating. read more >
Government & Politics / Health Care

US Approves Updated COVID Vaccines to Rev Up Protection This Fall

The Food and Drug Administration decision opens the newest shots from Moderna and Pfizer and its partner BioNTech to most Americans even if they've ne read more >