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Eat My Catfish

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Little Rock’s Long Road to Recovery: Six Months After Tornado DamageLock Icon

For some of the worst-hit commercial real estate and apartments, it could still be months before business is back to normal. read more >
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Update: Breckenridge Village Redevelopment

“No one expected a tornado. I guess you never do," said Tommy Keet, who still has transformational plans for the retail center. read more >
A Google Earth view of the Riverdale Shopping Center in Little Rock
Construction / Real Estate / Restaurants & Food

Fresh Look, New Tenants Planned After $16M Sale of Riverdale Center

The restaurant chain Eat My Catfish was announced as one the first new tenants at the redeveloped shopping center. read more >
Travis Hester, owner of several Eat My Catfish restaurants in Arkansas, says an increased federal minimum wage would add hardship at a time when “it’s never been this tough to drive profit to the bottom line.”
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$15 U.S. Wage Plan: How Would Arkansas Fare?Lock Icon

Some in the hospitality industry question the timing of raising the federal minimum to $15, fearing added burdens could halt recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. read more >