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Ellen Kreth

Government & Politics / Legal / Media & Marketing

Freedom of Information ‘Emergency’ Draws Skepticism

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the sunshine law puts her and other elected officials at risk. Press groups, lawyers and even a couple of Republican read more >
Education / Legal

Unnoticed Law Makes School Board Matters Less Open

Critics say the law was "snuck in" at the end of the legislative session and will be devastating to transparency for parents. read more >
Ashley Wimberley, executive director of the Arkansas Press Association, described the recent legislative session as her hardest yet.
Government & Politics / Media & Marketing

Citizens Help Newspapers Dodge Legislative Threats

Many are relieved by the failure of bills that took aim at Arkansas’ strong Freedom of Information Act and current law that requires public notices to be published in newspapers. read more >
Madison County Record reporters used the Freedom of Information Act to verify allegations of sexual abuse at Huntsville High School.
Education / Media & Marketing / Small Business

Huntsville Paper Takes Award, Fair and Square

Ellen Kreth is the publisher and owner. Shannon Hahn is the business manager. But both are also reporters, storytellers and, foremost, community members, duty-bound to tell their neighbors even the hardest news. read more >
Bart Hester

Arkansas Legislators Seek More Limits on Public Records

Two years after the Arkansas Legislature scaled back the state's decades-old law protecting public access to government records, lawmakers are considering making even more information secret. read more >