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Five Legged Stool LLC

Companies like First Orion Corp. of North Little Rock are rethinking office environments, amenities and employee schedules.
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Remaking The Office, Workers Hold KeysLock Icon

Flexibility essential as employers make perks permanent. read more >
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PPP Loan Forgiven, ABPG Expands to Texas

“Fort Worth and Dallas, about a million miles away,” Texas singer Jimmie Dale Gilmore croons, but Arkansas publisher Mitch Bettis knows better. read more >
The November issue of 360 West magazine, the flagship publication of Scott Publishing LLC of Fort Worth, Texas.

Arkansas Business Owner Expands, Buys Fort Worth Media Company

Five Legged Stool LLC of Little Rock, a digital marketing and media company whose publications include Arkansas Business, has purchased Scott Publishing LLC of Fort Worth. read more >
ABPG isn't an easy name to spell out over the phone, but it now officially belongs to the company that owns Arkansas Business Publishing Group.
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ABPG Owner Now Owns ABPG NameLock Icon

It’s a minor development in the scheme of things, but Arkansas Business’ parent company now owns the rights to the name Arkansas Business Publishing Group. read more >
An electric arc furnace at Big River Steel’s Flex Mill near Osceola. Since the mill opened, it has provided hundreds of jobs and a big boost to the local economy.
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Biggest Deals of 2019 See Values Plummet 85%

The value of big deals in Arkansas plummeted 85% in 2019 compared with the previous year, dropping to $7.9 billion compared with a stratospheric $53.9 billion in 2018. read more >
Mitch Bettis and Olivia Myers Farrell
Investments / Small Business

At Our Own Business, A Passing of the Torch

After blazing a four-decade trail for Arkansas women, helping build the Arkansas Times and then ABPG into two of the state’s biggest independent multimedia firms, Olivia Farrell is taking her dogs and going home. read more >
Olivia Myers Farrell and Mitch Bettis
Small Business

Mitch Bettis Buys Arkansas Business Publishing Group

Mitch Bettis, president of Arkansas Business Publishing Group of Little Rock, is purchasing the company from a limited partnership led by Olivia Myers Farrell, the two announced Monday. read more >