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Foundation Resource Management

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Minority Interest in LR Investment Firm Sold to Staff

Greg Hartz, founder and co-owner of registered investment advising firm Foundation Resource Management, and Mark Millsap, co-owner, recently sold a minority interest in the firm to five staff members. read more >
Sergio Santamaria of the UA: Artificial intelligence allows for the detachment of emotion and minimizes errors.
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AI Advisers See New World in Wealth ManagementLock Icon

Artificial intelligence — AI — software that employs “machine learning” has made huge strides in the past few years, primarily because of improvements in computer processing power and data storage. read more >

Arkansas Business Power List 2016: Banking & Finance

A banking and finance resource to help navigate the leadership of the largest Arkansas companies or institutions. read more >
Mark Millsap
Banking & Finance / Business Services / Insurance / Investments

Mark Millsap on Why the Federal Reserve May Have Zero Interest in Repairing the Economy

Mark Millsap is a co-owner of Foundation Resource Management, which has a team of six investment professionals and five administrative employees managing approximately $2.1 billion. read more >
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Time to Bust Up Fannie and Freddie (Greg Hartz and Mark Millsap Commentary)

Federal National Mortgage Association and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. were started with government capital and later privatized and traded on the New York Stock Exchange. read more >