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Freedom of Information Act

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Group Sues Arkansas Attorney General for Not Approving Government Records Ballot Measure

Arkansas Citizens for Transparency asked the state Supreme Court in a 14-page filing to order Attorney General Tim Griffin to either approve the language of their proposal or substitute it with more suitable language. read more >
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Arkansas Lawmakers OK Plan to Audit Purchase of Governor’s $19,000 Lectern

The all-Republican executive committee of the Legislative Joint Auditing Committee also voted to audit the Republican governor's travel and security expenditures. read more >
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What’s Next for the FOIA (Lance Turner Editor’s Note)

This year has seen multiple attempts to limit our open records law, and the hits will keep coming. read more >
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Gradually, Then Suddenly (Editorial)

Last week’s attempt to weaken Arkansas’ Freedom of Information Act won’t be the last. read more >
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Freedom of Information ‘Emergency’ Draws Skepticism

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the sunshine law puts her and other elected officials at risk. Press groups, lawyers and even a couple of Republican read more >

FOI Act Concerns Are Justified (Editorial)

Concerns about Attorney General Tim Griffin’s proposal to review the state’s FOI Act are rational. read more >
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Arkansas FOIA Safe for Now (Gwen Moritz Commentary)

The recent failed assault on the FOIA was cynically pitched as making our law more like those of other states. read more >
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Less Checks, More Abuses (Editorial)

Making it harder to challenge illegal exaction is good news only for government officials. read more >
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Yet Another FOI Assault (Editorial)

A legislative proposal to gut the state’s Freedom of Information Act is an insult to taxpayers. read more >
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In Praise of Open Government (Editorial)

A proposal that would have shielded decision-making by elected officials appears dead. For now. read more >
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Conway School Board & the FOIA (Editorial)

The Conway School Board’s email retention policy is a threat to open and transparent government. read more >
Frank Scott Jr., mayor of Little Rock
Government & Politics

Frank Scott Jr., Little Rock’s First Black Mayor, Faces Reelection Fight

Scott's reelection bid is one of the few competitive races on the ballot in Arkansas, where Republicans are heavily favored in the governor's race and other top matchups. It could also offer Republicans a rare win in the predominantly Democratic city of Little Rock. read more >
Madison County Record reporters used the Freedom of Information Act to verify allegations of sexual abuse at Huntsville High School.
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Huntsville Paper Takes Award, Fair and Square

Ellen Kreth is the publisher and owner. Shannon Hahn is the business manager. But both are also reporters, storytellers and, foremost, community members, duty-bound to tell their neighbors even the hardest news. read more >
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Opacity and Obstinance (Gwen Moritz Commentary)

A recent report on the percentage of Arkansas residents with medical marijuana cards required vastly more effort than previously. read more >
Absolute Essence LLC submitted its dispenseary application to the state medical marijuana commission in 2017.
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Racial Bias Alleged In Dispensary Denial

A Little Rock Black-owned business that sued the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission also has a case alleging racial discrimination against the firm that scored the applications for medical marijuana dispensary licenses. read more >
The John Paul Hammerschmidt Federal Building in Fayetteville
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Duggars’ Case Over Police Records PostponedLock Icon

The trial of the civil lawsuit filed by four sisters of Josh Duggar involving allegations of invasion of privacy has been postponed. read more >
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For the Record (Lance Turner Editor’s Note)

Who owns the medical marijuana business in Arkansas? As with most simple questions, finding the answer is more complicated than it seems. read more >
Prairie Wings Duck Lodge was the scene of Luke Baker’s death in 2015. A witness said Baker mentioned playing Russian roulette, then put a gun to his head and fired. 
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Private Autopsy, Public Blowback in Fatal Gunplay CaseLock Icon

Nearly three years after a gunshot to the head killed his 20-year-old son in a Jefferson County hunting lodge in 2015, Kerry Baker of Conway started the machinery to dig up his boy’s body for the autopsy he had initially declined. read more >
Arkansas Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller signs the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act into law on February 14, 1967.
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Freedom of Information (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

If the cost of performing FOIA requests is burdensome, the answer is to come up with the money, not to keep chipping away at the public’s right to know. read more >
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UA’s Quiet Land Deal Gets Look From FBILock Icon

The FBI has been asking questions about the planned sale of 6,300 acres by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, a deal that has drawn allegations that bid manipulation produced a lower sale price and a higher broker commission. read more >