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Net Neutrality Restored as FCC Votes to Regulate Internet Providers

The move effectively reinstates a net neutrality order the commission first issued in 2015 during the Obama administration. In 2017, under then-President Donald Trump, the FCC repealed those rules. read more >
Federal Trade Commission headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Banking & Finance / Government & Politics / Legal / Media & Marketing

FTC Approves Rule Banning Noncompete Agreements for Most Employees

Business groups have criticized the measure as casting too wide a net by blocking nearly all noncompetes. They also argue that the FTC lacks the authority to take such a step. read more >
Public Companies / Retail

Kroger, Albertsons Selling More Than 400 Stores in $1.9B Deal as They Look to Close Their Merger

Kroger will also divest the Debi Lilly Design, Primo Taglio, Open Nature, ReadyMeals and Waterfront Bistro private label brands. read more >
A farm crew using a combine to harvest ripened wheat crop in North Dakota
Agriculture & Poultry / Legal / Manufacturing / Small Business

11 States Consider ‘Right to Repair’ for Farming Equipment

The manufacturers argue that changing the current practice with this type of legislation would force companies to expose trade secrets. read more >
Egg cartons on the shelf at a Walmart location in Houston, Texas
Agriculture & Poultry / Government & Politics / Legal / Restaurants & Food

Soaring Egg Prices Prompt Demands for Price-Gouging Probe

The national average retail price of a dozen eggs hit $4.25 in December, up from $1.79 a year earlier. read more >
Banking & Finance / Business Services / Government & Politics / Investments / Legal / Media & Marketing / Small Business

Proposed Ban on Noncompetes Generates Concerns

A labor law attorney’s advice to companies concerned about the Federal Trade Commission’s proposed rule that would block employers from asking workers to sign noncompete agreements? Don’t panic. read more >
A Kroger location in Richmond Hill, Georgia
Government & Politics / Restaurants & Food / Retail

US Lawmakers Skeptical Grocery Merger Will Mean Lower Prices

The CEOs of Kroger and Albertsons insisted there will still be competition, and said a merger will help them counter growing rivals like Walmart, Costco and Amazon. read more >

FCC Bans Sales, Import of Chinese Tech From Huawei, ZTE

The FCC's order applies to future authorizations of equipment, though the agency leaves open the possibility it could revoke previous authorizations. read more >
Health Care

What Spiking US Veterinary Prices Reveal About Inflation

Like many services, veterinary care is labor-intensive; worker pay makes up about half the cost of running a practice. read more >
The customer service area at a Walmart location in Columbus, Ohio. 
Government & Politics / Legal / Public Companies / Retail

Walmart Seeks to Dismiss Lawsuit by FTC Over Money Transfers

The suit alleges that for years, Walmart used money transfer procedures that allowed fraudsters to cash out at its stores. read more >
A Walmart in the San Francisco Bay area 
Government & Politics / Legal / Retail

FTC Sues Walmart for Scammers’ Use of Money Transfer Unit

The agency alleges that Walmart didn't properly train its employees and used procedures that allowed fraudsters to cash out at its stores. read more >
Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance

FTC Plans Inquiry Into Pharmacy Benefit Manager Practices

The agency is looking at drug manufacturer rebates and how they affect formulary design and the cost of drugs. read more >
Federal Trade Commission headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Government & Politics / Legal / Public Companies

Walmart, Kohl’s Settle With FTC Over False Marketing Allegations

The companies marketed dozens of home textile products as environmentally friendly bamboo when they were actually rayon, according to regulators. read more >
A file photo of a beer aisle at a New Orleans supermarket 
Government & Politics / Media & Marketing / Public Companies / Restaurants & Food / Retail / Small Business / Tourism

Treasury Brews Up Ideas for a More Competitive Beer Market

Some suggestions include reimagining beer displays and considering whether brews can be shipped straight to doorsteps. read more >
A Lockheed Martin office building in Arlington, Virginia.
Government & Politics / Public Companies

FTC Opposition Scuttles $4.4B Lockheed Purchase of Aerojet

Lockheed said it scrapped the plan “in the wider interest of shareholders.” read more >
A Lockheed Martin office building in Arlington, Virginia.
Government & Politics / Legal / Manufacturing / Public Companies

FTC Sues to Block Lockheed’s Purchase of Supplier Aerojet

The acquisition would limit competition and drive up prices for missile components, regulators say. read more >
Government & Politics / Legal / Media & Marketing

Online Privacy is Evolving. Does It Matter to You?

Online privacy rules are changing. The question now is how much you'll care. read more >