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Gary Stubblefield

Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance / Legal

Sanders Signs Arkansas Trans Care Malpractice Bill Into Law

Legal experts have said the change could close access to gender-affirming care for children by making it nearly impossible for providers to get malpractice insurance. read more >
Government & Politics / Health Care / Insurance / Legal

Arkansas Malpractice Bill Restricts Trans Youth Medical Care

The proposal, which has been endorsed by a Senate committee, would allow someone who received gender-affirming care as a minor to file a malpractice lawsuit against their doctor. read more >
The Arkansas River swells over into Little Rock's Riverfront Park on June 2.
Construction / Real Estate / Transportation

Governor Announces More Members, First Meeting of Levee Task Force

Gov. Asa Hutchinson announces additional appointments to the Arkansas Levee Task Force he created by executive order last month. read more >
Gary Stubblefield
Government & Politics

Arkansas Bill Banning ‘Sanctuary’ Cities Fails In Committee

A proposal to prohibit Arkansas cities from refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities failed before a House committee on Monday after the state's Republican governor said he wanted the legislation changed to ensure it wouldn't open the door to racial profiling. read more >
Gary Stubblefield
Government & Politics / Legal / Media & Marketing

Access to Arkansas Information Isn’t Always Simple (Kelly P. Kissel Analysis)

Government secrecy was a big winner in Arkansas during 2017. But open records advocates say the 50th anniversary for Arkansas' Freedom of Information Act could have been worse. read more >
Gary Stubblefield
Government & Politics / Legal / Media & Marketing

Request Denied: States Try to Block Access to Public Records

Lawmakers across the country — including in Arkansas — introduced and debated dozens of bills during this year's legislative sessions that would close or limit public access to a wide range of government records and meetings. read more >
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Asa Hutchinson Signs Bill Allowing Lawsuits Over Videos

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has signed into law a bill allowing companies to sue anyone who shares secretly made videotape aimed at harming a business owner. read more >
Gary Stubblefield
Legal / Media & Marketing / Public Companies

Arkansas Bill Allows Companies to Sue Over Secret Videos

The Arkansas Senate has approved a bill that would let companies sue anyone, including employees, if they share a secretly made videotape aimed at harming a business owner. The bill was set up to target agricultural practices but opponents say it goes too far and could threaten nearly all whistleblowers. read more >
Katie Laning Niebaum

Advanced Energy Has Its Day at Capitol

It was Arkansas Advanced Energy Day at the state Capitol, and Sen. Garry Stubblefield was speaking to the state’s top energy efficiency and renewable power companies, but he had to hold to his priorities. read more >
Legal / Media & Marketing

Arkansas Open Records Advocates Fear Major Change in FOI Law

In the 50 years since Republican Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller's signature enacted one of the nation's strongest laws ensuring government openness, legislators have carved out fewer than two dozen exemptions to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. read more >
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Disputed Contracts Place Procurement in Spotlight

Disputes over recent state contracts have put Republican lawmakers at odds with the Republican governor, angered potential vendors and muddied understanding on what businesses can expect from the process of awarding state work. read more >
A proposal to legalize medical marijuana has been approved for the November ballot in Arkansas.
Government & Politics / Health Care

Arkansas Panel Advances Medical Pot Smoking, Edibles Ban

An Arkansas Senate committee advanced bills to change the medical marijuana law approved by voters in November by banning smoking medical marijuana and the selling of food or drinks containing the drug. read more >
Government & Politics / Retail / Small Business / Tourism

Contentious Grocery Store Wine Bill Fails In House

A proposal in the Arkansas Legislature to allow grocery stores to sell more wines failed in the House on Monday, but is expected to be brought up again this session. read more >
Gary Stubblefield
Government & Politics / Small Business / Tourism

‘Bathroom Bill’ Could Upend Arkansas Session (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

The plan has spurred warnings from Hutchinson, as well as tourism and business groups, that such a measure isn't needed and could subject the state to the widespread backlash and boycotts North Carolina faced over its bathroom law. read more >
Gary Stubblefield
Government & Politics / Legal

Arkansas GOP Lawmakers Work on Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’

Arkansas lawmakers said Tuesday they're working on a "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people, despite warnings from the Republican governor that such a measure isn't needed and could harm the state. read more >
Gary Stubblefield
Government & Politics / Media & Marketing

Panel OKs Lottery’s $34.5M Advertising Contract With CJRW

A legislative subcommittee gave a thumbs-up to a five-year, $34.5 million advertising contract to CJRW to market the Arkansas Scholarship lottery. But first, lawmakers got a primer on the limitations they face in reviewing contracts. read more >
Bishop Woosley, director of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.
Government & Politics / Media & Marketing

Lawmakers Decline to Approve Lottery Ad Contract

After grilling Lottery Director Bishop Woosley and State Procurement Director Edward Armstrong for nearly an hour over the process that awarded a $34.5 million, five-year lottery advertising contract to CJRW, a legislative subcommittee votes not to approve the contract. Later, the full committee kicks the matter back to the subcommittee. read more >
Ted Cruz
Government & Politics

Presidential Hopefuls Set Sights on Arkansas’ Delegates

The road to the White House this year runs through Arkansas, with four presidential hopefuls booking flight plans through the state as its primary approaches. State election officials are touting the visits as a sign lawmakers made the right choice in moving up the state's primary to March. read more >
Gary Stubblefield
Agriculture & Poultry / Education / Government & Politics

Law To Boost Pilot Programs for Ag Schools

Specialized agriculture education in Arkansas will soon not be solely the purview of higher education. A measure approved in this year’s legislative session will create a pilot program for “agriculture schools” in the state. read more >
Gary Stubblefield
Government & Politics

Bill for ‘SEC’ Primary Fails in Senate Committee

Legislation to move Arkansas' primaries from May to March failed Tuesday to make it out of a Senate committee, while a House committee narrowly advanced an identical bill. read more >