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Gene Fortson

Capi Peck, who helped lead a campaign to fund the $69 million renovation of the Robinson Center, sits on the Little Rock city board.
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Restaurateur Capi Peck Mixes Warmth with StrengthLock Icon

Despite a hospitality background, Capi Peck didn’t start out to be a restaurateur. Nonetheless, she opened Trio's in 1986 and has since become a leader not just in the local restaurant industry, but also on the Little Rock Board of Directors. read more >
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On Private Clubs (Editorial)

When savvy entrepreneurs see a need going unfilled, they form businesses. When those businesses successfully meet that need, they thrive. You know, America. Now the Little Rock Board of Directors is considering stepping between businesses and their customers. read more >
The brakes are hit on a Pleasant Valley roundabout after a two-year journey.
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Pleasant Valley Roundabout Project Highlights Civic Politics

A vocal minority in Pleasant Valley set a $600,000 street improvement project in motion nearly two years ago to slow traffic near Fulbright Elementary School. But another vocal minority, led by a federal judge, managed to derail the project last month. read more >