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Dansons, City Leaders Hope for Growth in Southwest Arkansas

Dansons USA says Hope's proximity to raw materials, its customer base, transportation — along with the hospitality of local officials — lured the wood pellet manufacturer to the city's shuttered Georgia-Pacific plant. read more >
Christian Fischer
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Georgia-Pacific CEO: Speed, Not Variety, Key to Customers in Pandemic

Georgia-Pacific President and CEO Christian Fischer shares how the massive company has met and learned from the challenges of operating during a global pandemic. read more >
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The Issue With Tissue (Matthew Pelkki Commentary)

Here are the facts about toilet tissue supply in the era of a pandemic that is requiring more and more people to stay at home. read more >
Christian Fischer
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Georgia-Pacific CEO to Headline Arkansas Economic Development Foundation Luncheon

Georgia-Pacific President and CEO Christian Fischer will headline the Arkansas Economic Development Foundation Luncheon on April 21 in Little Rock. read more >

Georgia-Pacific to Upgrade Gurdon Plant for $70M

Georgia-Pacific Corp. of Atlanta says it will invest up to $70 million to upgrade its plywood and lumber operations in Gurdon, where it employs 700 people. read more >
Conifex Timber Inc. of Vancouver was just one of several Canadian companies that have invested heavily in the forest products industry in Arkansas.
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Timber Industry Slowdown May Signal Recession

The country may be headed for another recession, timber industry experts told Arkansas Business last week after Conifex Timber Inc. of Vancouver, British Columbia, announced an indefinite suspension of operations at its El Dorado sawmill. read more >

In the Aftermath (Editorial)

In its way, a corporate decision that devastates a town feels almost like a natural disaster. The news came suddenly, like a tornado that flattened one side of the Georgia-Pacific community while sparing the 500 workers at the tissue and paper towel plant next door. read more >
Steve AnthonyPresident of Anthony Timberlands of Bearden

Timber CEO: Georgia-Pacific Closures to Range Far and Wide in Arkansas

Georgia-Pacific's announced plan to close its bleached board operations in Crossett will have a ripple effect across Arkansas' forest products industry, Steve Anthony, CEO of Anthony Timberlands Inc., told Arkansas Business. read more >
The Georgia-Pacific plant in Crossett

Georgia-Pacific to Close Part of Crossett Plant, Hope Plant, Affecting 655 Jobs

Georgia-Pacific says it will shutter equipment and processes supporting the bleached board operations at its Crossett facility as of October, a move that will affect more than 530 jobs. It will also close its particleboard plant at Hope. read more >
Conifex Timber Inc. of Vancouver was just one of several Canadian companies that have invested heavily in the forest products industry in Arkansas.
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A Decade After Recession, Arkansas Timber Industry RebornLock Icon

The timber industry, the biggest employer in south Arkansas, has recovered in the decade since the Great Recession. That doesn’t mean it will ever be the same. read more >

Georgia Pacific To Sell Pine Chemicals Business for $315M

Georgia-Pacific says it will sell its pine chemicals business to Ingevity of North Charleston, South Carolina, for $315 million, including certain assets in Crossett. read more >
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Workable Job Training (Editorial)

As a state's problems go, low unemployment is a good one to have, but it does spell difficulty for Arkansas employers, particularly those seeking highly skilled workers. read more >
Georgia-Pacific employs 1,500 in Crossett, including more than 1,100 at its paper mill.
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Georgia-Pacific’s Crossett Mill On Front Line of Tissue Wars

Georgia-Pacific employs almost 3,500 Arkansans, including 1,500 in Crossett. Of those, more than 1,100 work at the paper mill. The plant runs constantly — four shifts working an average of 40-42 hours per week — in an industry that has emphasized sustainability for decades. read more >
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Utilities’ Programs Offer Businesses Incentives for Saving Energy

Energy is money, and businesses in Arkansas are saving both by taking advantage of energy-efficiency programs sponsored by the state’s electric and gas utility companies. read more >
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Climate Change Drives Canadian Lumber Buying Spree

Milder winters and warmer summers have meant higher survival rates for the mountain pine beetle, which has triggered an epidemic that began in the 1990s which had killed by 2012 946 million cubic yards of pine trees in British Columbia. More than 45 million acres of forest have been affected. read more >
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Canadian Company Comact Setting Sights on Union County Sawmill

Multiple sources have confirmed that a Canadian sawmill equipment operator called Comact — that’s pronounced “CO-mact” — is looking at buying the long-shuttered Georgia-Pacific sawmill that is now owned by private investors. read more >
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Georgia-Pacific Leads List of Largest Forest Products Companies in Arkansas

This year’s list of largest forest products companies is little changed from last year. One company, however, ITW Shippers of Fordyce with 143 employees in 2013, fell off the list. It has been sold, according to a company employee, but the company failed to respond to repeated requests for information. read more >
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Georgia-Pacific to Invest $37M in Gurdon Lumber Plant

Georgia-Pacific of Atlanta, Georgia, has plans to invest $37 million in its lumber operations in Gurdon to expand the production capacity of the mill by about 60 percent. read more >

Georgia-Pacific Announces $40M Expansion at Fort Smith Plant

Georgia-Pacific says it will invest $40 million in an expansion at its Fort Smith plant, which manufactures paper plates and other paper products. read more >
Kathy Deck
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Arkansas’ Manufacturing Sector Takes Baby Steps Back in 2013

Kathy Deck, the director of the Center for Business & Economic Research at the University of Arkansas, said the state reported 155,100 manufacturing jobs in December 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The drop of 300 jobs from the 155,400 reported in December 2012 is a decrease of about 0.2 percent. read more >