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Greenlight Dispensary

Erin Gray owns Healing Hemp of Arkansas,  a CBD  products store in Little Rock. She emphasizes that hemp products are fully legal, and that her customers do not need a medical  marijuana card.
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A Woman’s Place: Cannabis Industry Promotes Female OwnershipLock Icon

Feminine hands are everywhere in the medical marijuana and hemp industries, up and running in the state for less than a year. Their roles range from co-owning $10 million cultivation centers to staffing dispensary counters as budtenders. read more >
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Dispensary to Sell Self-Grown Products; Total Sales Top 1,100 Pounds, $8M

As Arkansas crossed the thousand-pound landmark in medical marijuana sales the Hot Springs dispensary that sold the state's first legal cannabis became the first retail outlet to grow, harvest and prepare to sell self-grown product. read more >
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Dispensary Cultivation Begins as Demand Builds For Medical MarijuanaLock Icon

After two months and $2 million in sales, Arkansas’ spanking new medical marijuana industry is poised to break a supply logjam. read more >
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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Sales Top $1.1M

Just a month after the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries opened, Arkansas’ new legal cannabis industry is already a million-dollar affair. read more >
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Update: State Cannabis Sales Hit 107 Pounds ($700K); New Grow Site, Dispensaries in Play

The state's new medical marijuana industry is rolling ahead with a second grow center and a third dispensary — the first outside Hot Springs — poised to join the lineup. read more >