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Greg Leding

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Arkansas Senate OKs Stricter Requirement for Ballot Measures

The bill raises the number of counties where a minimum number of signatures from registered voters must be submitted from 15 to 50. read more >
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Clean Energy Jobs Report Comes Out as Arkansas Plans EV Chargers

The sixth annual Clean Jobs America Report shows the first recorded drop in overall jobs in the clean energy sector. read more >

Midterm Elections Reveal Shifting Patterns in Arkansas (Heather Yates On Politics)

After Election Day, Arkansas' congressional delegation secured re-election and the state government trifecta remained intact. But Democrats also made gains, suggesting shifting voting patterns that could make the party competitive in suburban areas of the state. read more >
The Arkansas Capitol building in Little Rock.
Education / Government & Politics

Arkansas GOP Talks School Safety, But Not Guns (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

Arkansas' Republican governor and lawmakers have made it clear they want school security on the agenda when they return to the Capitol for next year's session. But, unlike Republican counterparts in other states and even the president, they're declaring the issue of gun control off-limits. read more >
Trent Garner
Education / Government & Politics / Legal

State Police Working on Training for Gun Law Expansion

An Arkansas law dramatically expanding where concealed handguns are allowed will take effect this week, but the training needed to carry those guns to college campuses, bars, government buildings and other new locations may not be available until early next year. read more >
H. Wayne Young
Business Services / Government & Politics / Legal

Guns, Shared Background Checks Coming Soon to Arkansas Offices

The 91st General Assembly passed bills that allows employees to bring their concealed handguns to their employer’s private parking lot and requires employers that conduct background checks to share the results with the employee or applicant upon request. read more >
Education / Government & Politics

Arkansas Lawmakers Side With Governor on LGBT Guidance

Arkansas lawmakers are joining with Gov. Asa Hutchinson to encourage schools to disregard an Obama administration directive that they must permit transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their chosen gender identity. read more >
Frank Broyles
Government & Politics / Legal / Media & Marketing

Hutchinson Vetoes Publicity Rights Bill; Senate Override Fails

Gov. Asa Hutchinson has vetoed a publicity rights bill backed by the family of Arkansas football legend Frank Broyles. read more >
Greg Leding
Government & Politics

Greg Leding Drops Bill to Add LGBT Protections

An Arkansas lawmaker says he's dropping his proposal to expand Arkansas' anti-discrimination protections to include sexual orientation and gender identity. read more >
Government & Politics / Legal

Proposal to End Life Without Parole for Juveniles Tabled

A proposal to end life without parole sentences for juveniles has been tabled by an Arkansas House panel after heavy opposition from the state's prosecutors. read more >
Frank Broyles
Government & Politics / Legal / Media & Marketing

Frank Broyles Family Wants Arkansas Law to Keep Publicity Rights

The family of legendary former Razorbacks coach Frank Broyles wants a new state law to create publicity rights allowing public figures more control over how their likenesses are used. read more >
Steve Clark (left), president and CEO of the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce, says “This is about an ordinance that isn’t workable or well defined.” While Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan (right) says complaints about vague wording in the ordinance aren’t valid.
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Fayetteville Anti-bias Ordinance Splits City, Chamber

On Dec. 9, Fayetteville voters will decide the fate of Ordinance 5703 — commonly known as Chapter 119 — which would prohibit discrimination in the workplace or in housing based on veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and socioeconomic background. read more >
The Arkansas Capitol building in Little Rock.
Government & Politics

Unknowns Abound in How to Impeach Mark Darr

Arkansas Lt. Gov. Mark Darr's impeachment over an ethics scandal may be "inevitable" unless he resigns, in the words of a fellow Republican. But before legislators could impeach Darr, they'd have to write the rules for the process, which Arkansas hasn't used in more than 140 years. read more >
Construction / Government & Politics / Manufacturing

Big River Steel Proposal Gains Traction in Legislature

Gov. Mike Beebe's plan to provide $125 million in state financing to help a new company build a steel mill in Mississippi County is gaining bipartisan support among legislators. But some conservatives still object to having the government help fund one of Arkansas' largest economic development projects. read more >
Republican House Speaker Davy Carter and Senate President Michael Lamoureux speak to reporters Jan. 7 at the state Capitol.
Government & Politics

Social Issues Take Center Stage in Arkansas Legislature (AP Analysis)

Despite campaign pledges to cut taxes and focus on the economy, the new Republican majority in Arkansas' Legislature has turned into a bigger boon for social conservatives than fiscal ones. read more >
Gov. Mike Beebe and John Correnti at the Jan. 29 news conference announcing plans for a $1.1 billion steel mill in Mississippi County.
Government & Politics / Manufacturing

Big River Steel Superproject Alters Arkansas Session Agenda (AP Analysis)

A veiled reference to a "superproject" took up only a couple of sentences when Gov. Mike Beebe laid out his legislative agenda for 2013 last month. Now that it's been revealed as a $1.1 billion steel mill, it has altered the agenda for this year's session. read more >
Government & Politics / Media & Marketing

Arkansas Rep. Greg Leding: Just Call Him ‘@G’

Rep. Greg Leding’s Twitter handle, @G, one of the 26 single-letter Twitter handles in existence. read more >
Rep. Davy Carter (R-Cabot)
Government & Politics

Despite Wins, GOP Has Own Rifts to Heal (AP Analysis)

Taking over the state House for the first time in 138 years was the easy part for Arkansas Republicans. The bigger challenge may be healing the rifts within their ranks, some of which were revealed with the election of Davy Carter as incoming House speaker. read more >